It is always pleasant to do good businesses

More than 11 years the volunteer Valentina-Ninel Mengal collects the Warm house in Primorsky. Warm house is the name the program of the Allukrainian benevolent fund of Khesed Yakhad.

It is organization of leisure for pensionaries and invalids in small settlements. Every Friday in the apartment of V-N. Megal' and its spouse Victor Shirshova going pensionaries and invalids, to spend time in a pleasant company, and in other time the married couple helps be single people on an economy. Victor Nikolaevich can repair the sanitary engineering and appliances, and his wife is always ready to measure pressure a taking ill pensionary, go down in a pharmacy or in a shop.

Kirghizia is North Crimea

Valentina-ninel' Mengal' gave birth on February, 17, 1949 in Kirghizia in Bishkek. Its mother Ann Yefim Lipkind worked as the director of atelier of fashions, and a father Alexander Borisovich Mengal' worked at the plant of fizpriborov. Parents grew and educated one son and three daughters, from which most junior was Valentina-ninel'. At birth a mother with a father was named it Ninel' and Valentina, but in soviet time it was not settled in a birth certificate to inscribe the double names, therefore on documents it Ninel' Mengal'. However in everyday life its near, speaking to it, more frequent used the name of Valentin. So it turned out that, without regard to bureaucratic prepony, it carries the double name of Valentina-ninel'.

After completion of middle school N. Mengal' preferred to go to work, because not able in school years to be determined with the choice of profession. In summer 1968 years it became acquainted with Victor Shirshovym, which became its sputnikom of life.

- Nasha the first meeting was very original, - it remembers. - I became tanned ashore lake, and a merry company was alongside disposed. When after bathing I returned into the place, then discovered that a young man lay in on my bedding. Victor preferred here such original method of acquaintance, it is necessary to mark successful.

In 1968 young people married. At that time V. Shirshov studied in the Polytechnic institute, and Ninel' Megal' acted on the evening separation of Polytechnic tekhnikuma. In a year daughter Sara gave birth in the monogynopaedium of students, and in 1970 is a son Sergey.

In 1973 N. Megal' finished tekhnikum and got distributing in the designer bureau of secret munition-factory of Bishkek, where worked a designer together with a spouse.

- When a husband felt indisposition, physicians recommended him to change the climate of Middle Asia on more cool, - Valentina-ninel' told. Then many were beckoned by romanticism of North, and we on recommendation of aunt Victor moved in a city Nyagan' the Tyumenskoy area on building of roads to the oil-derricks. A husband worked as a brigadier, and I in the beginning by a designer, after by the chief of production department. We very liked our work, we were surrounded by wonderful people. In Nyagane we lived 18 years, and then I simply got tired from frosts. Only present: almost half-year 50 degrees. I did not have greenery catastrophically. In the north, changing of times of year takes place during three months, and other time is the winter, the winter and the winter.

Once senior sister Ninel' Zinaida invited the married couples to stay in Crimea.

I want to live here

Zinaida Mengal' lived and worked as the teacher of mathematics in Feodosii. In a that pore the children of Ninel' and Victor became the grown man already, therefore the married couples arrived on rest to the sea. N. Megal' remembers:

- This was a summer. A wonderful weather stood, a sun lighted affectionately. We came on a beach, water was amazingly warm. A husband entered for a knee at-sea and said me: Felling, I want to live here near a sea! This phrase changed our further life radically. In 1990 we sold an apartment in the north and purchased other in Seashore, where live and now. Friends severyane ring often, congratulate on various momentous dates and set a the same question: Do not you spare, that left from North? I always answer them, that if I had to choose once again, then I necessarily would move here.

In Seashore Valentina-ninel' Megal' quickly accustomed and made friends with locals which began to name it affectionately aunt Felling. On the loggia of the apartment it created a winter garden which abounds greenery and flowerings plants. According to her, it so became bored on greenery in the north, that breeding of room plants delivers it enormous pleasure.

Its daughter and son preferred to leave into permanent place of inhabitation to Israel, but often visit parents and ring the name of Sara made happy a father with a mother by birth of grandchild David, and a son Leo grows up for a son Sergey.

The married couple of pensionaries was often missed to the sea and became acquainted with a few monogynopaediums of primorchan. Soon these relations became friendly. People estimated ability of the married couples to come for help to those, who needs.

- I and is my husband a favourite to help people, and why no, if it in our forces? - an aunt said Felling. kogda to us apply with one or another request, we feel that need society. And it is perfect.

Warm house

Once to V-N. Megal' invited to visit the Eleemosynary Jewish communal center. The married couples a few years visited there various measures and gladly helped volunteers which rendered a humanitarian help the habitants of Large Feodosii. In 1997 Valentina and Victor it was offered to to collect the Warm house in a settlement Seashore, where people going for intercourse. And that meeting passed in more relaxed situation, the benevolent fund of Khesed Yakhad provides the participants of the Warm house treating.

- Small company of habitants Seashore often visited the measures of benevolent fund, but often people could not arrive to Feodosiyu, - Valentina Megal' explained. Actually a friendly company was already, and a place was not for meetings. Then we with a husband consulted and offered for the Warm house the apartment in which going already 11 years. Whew I and my spouse officially became volunteers, that voluntarily on the public beginnings accept every Friday for itself guests. Comes people very much. At times in our Warm house monogynopaediums come in full strength with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We cover tables together, set fire candles, read Toru, discuss news in the press and worldly problems, exchanged culinary recipes. Places are not even enough in holidays, and a table is broken from foods. Everybody tries to bring the culinary masterpiece, and somebody from sharp comrades vial of wine. Traditionally a company sits too long till late at night, because time flies unnoticed.

Valentina and Victor organize meetings of participants not only. They deliver food sets poor and gladly help them to manage with home troubles.

Mainly in the Warm house people come more senior 55 years and invalids, because it is their unique possibility somehow to adorn the leisure. For past 11 years of Valentin Megal' became for them a man to which they apply at any time days.

- A volunteer is a man which helps other on will of the soul, - it underlined. to Give good and do good businesses always pleasantly. For example, I am quite not difficult to go down in a shop after products or in a pharmacy after medicine for a be single pensionary which it feels ill. For a help it will say mass of pleasant words gratitudes from which a mood always rises for me. I assure you, that similar positive emotions prolong life and favourably influence on a health volunteer.

In completion of conversation V. Megal' underlined that the Warm house a concept is international, if to take into account that most people enter into the mixed couples.

- Other Russian wives prepare such delicious stuffed fish fish, that not every Jewish hostess succeeds to compete with them, - with a smile an aunt marked Felling. Doors of my house are opened for all.
- 17 1946 years in town Bishkek in Kirghizia. In 1973 it finished polytechnic tekhnikum, and then 18 years worked in town Nyagan' the Tyumenskoy area. In 1990 N. Mengal' moved with a monogynopaedium to Crimea. From 1997 in the apartment in Seashore organizes leisure for pensionaries and invalids, and also together with a spouse executes volunteer duties at the Benevolent fund, helping be single locals. Educated a son and daughter, adores two the grandchildren.