Paul Stepanov: I'm not going to participate in the elections

On elections it always turns out, that there are not so many people wishing to work as a mayor. The Feodosia citizen Paul Stepanov was the candidate on this post twice.

He told to Kafa, why decided on this step, that wanted to do on post-modernism a mayor above all things, with what ideas went to power and why no longer wants to try the forces.

- Why did you decide to be candidate on post-modernism of mayor?
- In social security there are 65-70% pensionaries which I help, because in this town live. Then me it was offered to there: you, Ploughing, such sociable fellow, have time and with Afghan to communicate, and everywhere, and you all know people, you it will be entrusted to, you would not like to go on the mayor of city? Well, I and went. When I went in the first time, then co-ordinated this business with Shayderovym Vladimir Aleksandrovich, with Kievites, people which this business engaged in, and there was an agreement on soil of it: I go, when goes and Shayderov, but I will not him hinder. But in the beginning he put me at the place of chairman of Society of invalids of Feodosii, where nine thousand invalids. Volodya said so: Ploughing, know all burdens of city, when nine thousands, and all go, and it is necessary all to help, somehow to co-ordinate, and then can quietly go to the mayor.

Second time I went on elections, because was Vladimir to Aleksandrovich be under an obligation, and before God and before our life such, that I must was take and go.

- Somehow on a hot line with the readers of Kafy, you made a slip of the tongue that a city needs a normal mayor. What must a normal mayor be?
- A normal mayor must wake up in six mornings, to go around all areas: to look our site areas, state of roads, trash tanks, that on planerochke in eight mornings he could say people which accountable for these questions, all in eyes. Then a responsible man will go and to the evening will report: A comrade is a mayor, all corrected, all had done. There must be such approach!

Then, on the sale of earth. I went in mayors not in an order to sell, but that it is beautiful to do. you look: there is not money in our budget, so not pour out garbage along the Kerch route, but lay it in Near Reeds, nearer to the beach, drain them. From the side of move of potikhonechku pour-pour out, that water left farther. Do roads, planirovochku and sell earth then. A client will come and will purchase, when will see that a road is, earth is dried up. And to put terms at once: Fellow, here if you for a year do nothing, give your place other proprietor. Then there will be something to take place, and when everybody took money on a pocket for the signature of document and does nothing it incomprehensible.
The Kievan mayor has O'clock of mayor on a television set. Here Visit, let gives O'clock of mayor, and the direct dialog of people goes with a mayor. And it is even possible to resort to the following step: anonymous letters. In the waiting room of executive committee on the left the box of Letter must stand for a mayor, and each, who calls, lays them there.

A mayor takes then, reads and sees all nakedness of our city: where who was deceived, where on whom took a drive, a mayor will make decision and then. And so: someone shuts out, someone can not get in a cabinet. And it for lack of dialog and the here such large turns out priest, as Misha Galustyan talks. People do not know simply, that will be farther. It is needed to go along with people to communicate. I, for example, as a chairman of Society of invalids was on a birthday in a village Steppe. There neither water is present nor gas, and a village is included to Large Feodosiyu!

- What first steps would you do on post-modernism of mayor?
- I would do the town planning at once, would cause some general builder, counted up his possibilities, what where he can somewhere build. Let does not build sixth floors, violating a build plan, when a house lopaetsya-treskaetsya already. And not build dormitories, but know how in the American films: house, porch, flowers. And why we a parkland in town does hammer in houses? Yes, are grafts given you, and you build, and people which there live and look on each other through a window, it as? How do you secure a right for a citizen for the personal life? you do something in a peasant's hut, in cowards walk, and other will see you! For some reason in the American films show parks for rest, dogs are grazed. For us dogs are destroyed under a shop, because nowhere to go.

I generally wanted to do Feodosiyu a resort. How to do? That our client could from Seashore get in Koktebel', not roaming, on what crossing under what back to ride, it is needed to build the double-row bar of motion. And did another road which must connect Shuttles with fellow Creature Battle. From any point on the Field man would get on Shuttles. Such road would help to enter new bus routes, that an as not herring was filled people, and then has time to freeze the winter of persons for 30 minutes, while seven stands on eventual, and then pharmacies work on a cold. If I was put the chief of transport, I quickly would bring through such drivers.

On the Gold beach did on the right are all buildings and communications, and on the left is a clean beach, without fences, without nothing. Where 117 kilometre, all of it poubirat', leave only stoyanochku. There well, that is all communications, shower, jumping is possible, to go for a drive, deck-chairs, peaks. A bar is even. All of it is good. A sea is free of charge, and all services requiring payment. So all Europe lives!

Yet I wanted to make an underground tunnel out of Feodosii in the Double-armature bay. Do you remember, there was a fruit and vegetable base? Down, at Oh-Petry, there to do touching, and output at Double-armature. you present, what picture! There, through a route from a valley it is possible to build little private air-port. Now all Russia, all Italy, all France all fly on the airplanes of little.

There next to a bay a factory costs hydraulic Apparatus. There normal workshops, military equipment. And a factory would serve these little airplanes. That is it would be! How many workplaces!

If correctly resort hotels to build in Double-armature, workplaces will be increased, aerodromchik brought a that copeck, and it is possible it would be yet how to do is confluence of their capital with our. you will build a tunnel will permit you to build us the air field, and will be money to get there. That it is possible to agree, come to the normal denominator.

It approach is economic, it is workplaces, that a country was in a country, Feodosiya for feodosiytsev. Here a mayor sits and thinks how people must give to begin to work! And people earn while, and a treasury fills. As I talk here: God, give me works, but as I will begin to work, will get so.

- Will you yet be candidate?
- I will no longer be, find no the sense to do this, although I am very thankful people which voted for me. I have a monogynopaedium, duties before all, with whom socialize. But I would like, certainly, that our city felt that he is loved and of him care.