отдых в Крыму

Gres prepares to the anniversary

At the end of September the settlement Gres will celebrate its 50th anniversary. To finish everything to the holiday, in the settlement the preparation is going at full speed.

The secretary of the settlement advice Tatyana Kolesnikova told to «the Fresh Newspaper» that on September, 28 the settlement Gres celebrated 50the anniversary, and the preparation to this holiday was going. — The large enough amount of works is planned, — Tatyana Kolesnikova says, — but already 80 percents of these works are completed. And to the holiday they will be fully completed. And the planned amount of works in the settlement is really huge: it was planned to repair all roads in the settlement, the reconstruction of the public garden and the boulevard, the replacement and the repair of all outward illumination, the repair of the school, the registry office, the repair of policlinic №5 and the acquisition of medical equipment, and also cleaning of the river-bed of the river Salgir.

The construction superintendent of travelling area Andrey Marshenko told to «The Fresh Newspaper», that his brigade was occupied with the reconstruction of Gres boulevard of power engineering specialists. — Here we will replace asphalt cover, set park borders and new benchs, — Andrey Marshenko tells. — And these works will occupy approximately one-two weeks. Totally about 5 — 6 million hryvnyas were spent on these works. This sum consists of money, selected by three budgets: city, district and settlement. — But greater part of money, certainly, is selected us by the city council, — Tatyana Kolesnikova marks.