Liparite Avetisyan: Unattainable heights are not

Last year the first graduating student of class of vocal of Feodosia musical school 1 Liparite Avetisyan became the student of the Moscow conservatory. After the first session he arrived to Feodosia and came forward in the concerto hall of musical school in the traditional concert Meeting with graduating students. As well as other participants of this concert of L. Avetisyan decided to throw in the lot with classic music.

From Yerevan to Feodosia

In 1990 Liparite gave birth the third child in the monogynopaedium of Anait and Arutyuna Avetisyan, which raised septennial daughter Al'vinu and six-year-old son Gurgena already. The head of monogynopaedium in search of work arrived from Yerevan to Feodosiyu and soon opened own business on making and repair of furniture. When was Liparite 3,5 years the monogynopaedium of Avetisyan moved in by God Given. In Yerevan Anait Grachiki worked as a chief accountant, but in Feodosii it was not able to work on speciality from a linguistic barrier, therefore completely devoted to education of children.

In family of Avetisyan all men possessed beautiful voice and sang perfectly. The grandfather of Liparite which he was named in honour often sang on weddings the circumferential was very like the Armenian songs in his execution. His son A. Avetisyan also liked to sing, but to become a singer did not want. A liparite came to love singing from little up: when he was six years ago, a neighbour learned with him Katyushu which a boy with pleasure sang in a court the house.

- I took skakalku in place of microphone, went out in a court and sang, - L remembers. Avetisyan. - my First listeners were neighbours which praised me. It was an enormous stimulus. In seven years I went out into school 10 and sang practically in all school concerts. In the third class on initiative of teacher of singing I first appeared on the stage of Dofa in a competition The Living springs, whereupon my parents were seriously thoughtful about my musical education.

Ten year Liparite a mother drove to musical school 1, but in that moment there yet was not a separation of the solo singing. A vocal was taught, as a concomitant object at teaching playing the some musical instrument. Therefore Liparit Avetisyan went to be taught playing the guitar for a teacher Olga Koval'chuk. In a year at musical school opened the separation of the choral singing which a class of vocal was at. L. Avetisyan became the first student of this separation, and his first teacher on a vocal was become by Vera Rybalko.

- Since general school stepped back on the second plan, and I am very thankful the teachers of school 10 for understanding, - a singer told. From 13 years I skipped employments, because left on various competitions, and on returning teachers tried to help me to make up the skipped themes.

A choice is done

According to Liparite, from the first employments he decided that would sing the classics only. Further employments of s v. Rybalko only confirmed him in that the choice of profession is done finally.

First the 13-years-old student Vera Pavlovna brought on the popular competition of performers the Young virtuoso, and he at once conquered the first place in Crimea. Four times Liparit Avetisyan took part in a competition The Young virtuoso and twice occupied the first places, one time third and one time became a student. In 2006 he won on a competition Bluebird, and last year conquered Grand Prix on the International musical competition In guests at Ayvazovskogo. By the way, six times Liparite became the laureate of competition In guests at Ayvazovskogo together with the band of vocalists of Vera Rybalko. Last year first the solo singing was plugged in the program of this competition, and he became the first winner in this nomination.

- Victories inspire on competitions, and participating in them teaches boldness and not to shy on listening, - a vocalist told. - I firmly decided to go to the set purpose to become an opera singer, but sometimes shade of doubt appeared at heart. Really am I an ordinary boy from provincial Feodosii, son helpless, ordinary, without connections in the musical world of the Armenian monogynopaedium able to enter conservatory in which incredible competition? I realized distinctly, that would help me herein only persistent labour, and it is necessary to go to the purpose, surmounting any obstacles. At first these will be shallow steps, after even step, but then the moment of semimil'nykh steps will come unchanging.

As early as teaching time at musical school of Liparit Avetisyan twice rode to Moscow on listening in the fund of Arkhipovoy. To the moment of completion of studies he chosen already a not conservatory, but teaching country is Russia or Armenia. On domestic advice decided that the Moscow conservatory was nearer to Feodosii.

- Teaching the Yerevan conservatory would cost cheaper, because I would be able to live for relatives, but the remoteness of it from a house frightened me, - a singer explained. Ticket from Yerevan to Crimea is so dear, that to arrive on vacations I would could one time in three years. Therefore I decided to act in Moscow. Money on my teaching is earned by all monogynopaedium, saving on everything. Studies in the Moscow conservatory cost ten thousand dollars in a year, and to study me six years. But favourite profession more important. I am very thankful the near, that they understand it.

Other world

In May, 2008 L. Avetisyan with a mother arrived to Moscow, on May, 14 listening was appointed him in a conservatory. In that day students handed over tests in Rakhmaninovskom hall, and as all commission was in collection, then listened a few university entrants.

- I with Vera by Pavlovna prepared an enormous repertoire for a receipt and on listening began the execution with the aria of Lenskogo from opera Evgeny Onegin, - Liparite told. Since I sang it, a presiding commissioner had uttered: Sufficiently. I went out in a corridor, feet were knocked down, and in a head flashed by cut away. However after a conference professorship, being in a commission, began to congratulate me on put. I went to Feodosiyu already by the student of the Moscow conservatory. Then there were final examinations in general and musical schools, by the way, last I finished with a difference.

In January, 2009 Liparit Avetisyan before the appointed time handed over the first session and arrived to Feodosiyu. During vacations he attended musical school and together with other graduating students came forward in a traditional concert.

- I very missed on parents, brother, sister and nephews, and also on Vera to Pavlovna and friends on a band, - L said. Avetisyan. for me getting to the new teacher of vocal appeared most difficult used in a conservatory. I am taught by a wonderful teacher Alex Pavlovich Martynov tenor. For everybody, teaching singing, there is own specific terminology. When a student and teacher will make friends, then there is original creative harmony. Then people take each other a hint, that is very important in the process of teaching the art of vocal.

On the course Liparite Avetisyan is the youngest student. Usually in a conservatory singers begin to study a vocal after 20 years, and he entered institute of higher in 18-years-old age. The wonderful future will be prophesied him, but mark unchanging: you are yet young, and for you ahead yet enough time, to become a good singer.

- At once after arrival to Moscow on studies I settled in the dormitory of conservatory and dipped in other world, - a student specified. the World of performers of classic music is very small, therefore practically all of them are united by general interests. I with sokursnikami often visit various concerts, that does my life more rich in content. Me it disbelieves until now, that I study in so famous establishment and walk on those stairs and corridors, where great musicians walked is Chaykovskiy, Rakhmaninov and many other. Unattainable heights are not! I trust that will attain the set purpose and necessarily will sing on the known stages of the world.