отдых в Крыму

A two-year girl was left in the executive committee of Feodosia

At the beginning of week on Feodosia talks went that a certain woman left the two-year daughter in the cabinet of mayor.

In the executive committee this information was confirmed, specifying, that the child was brought not to the mayor, but to the cabinet of Service in matters of minor. According to officials, it is the first case on their memory, when children are abandoned directly in the executive committee. Now the girl is in child's hospital. When all documents are gathered, she will be sent to the House of child.

On Monday early in the morning one of readers called our journalist and told the history that a certain woman left the child in the cabinet of mayor:

- She came on the reception late at night, said that she was sick, left the girl and went away. When we started looking for her, the women has already left.

In the Feodosia executive committee specified, that the child was brought on Friday to the cabinet of Service in matters of minor.

- The woman called to us, and said that she wanted to leave the daughter, - told the main specialist of sector of guardianship of Feodosia service in matters of minor Helen Borisova. - She reported that she iwas from the Ternopol area, not married, the child is not registered. She took off an apartment with her boyfriend. A man got into the hospital, and the hostess of apartment asked to free an apartment. She had nowhere to go. The child ate nothing since morning. The woman warned: if we will not take the girl now, she will leave ihert anywhere in the street. So, we had to leave it.

On a coincidence in this day, in 14.30 in the hall of meetings of the executive committee the commission must on questions of defence of rights for children was. On meeting, where invited a woman, it explained that sick, and however will leave a child – not temporally, as it it was offered to, but forever. It did not want to ride with a girl and in child's hospital. However present on meeting acting as chief of criminal militia Nikolay Rubtsov drove them there.

- There in the meantime, it went away, - continued to tell E. Borisova. – it had the a bit oddish state, can, because, as talked, four days ate nothing. Though it, and child well-groomed, neatly dressed. In six we departed, looked at this child. To it speak, it smiles, blue eyes, lightish is a very contact beautiful child. Call it Mashen'ka.

Now Mashen'ka some time will stay in the infectious separation of child's hospital on an inspection, while the package of documents will prepare, including birth certificate. And at its mother am two months, to change the decision.

- Although parents it will be setting is heavy, Masha – not feodosiyka, a birth certificate for it is not present, - Helen Aleksandrovna said. – Organ of guardianship will order in Ragse it is a certificate. If in two months a mother it will not take away, then it can be adopted. I think that persons interested will be it to do, because Mashen'ka very pretty. If the citizens of Ukraine will not adopt during the year of child, then he goes to international adoption, in Department on adoption.

Case, when a child is brought straight in an executive committee, first in practice of specialist.

- It is a heavy case, all were shocked, - Borisova said.

It is talked in an executive committee, for the last month from children after births two mothers, another child, renounced leave on the state a health. Usually little people to three years live in House of child in Yalta or Simferopole, if children are not adopted, they are sent in boarding-school.