There will be less trains in the Crimea

Already from February, 5 the passengers of shuttle trains of Feodosia will begin to pay for tickets more on the promised three percents

Because of losses in the field of carrying passengers the railway abolishes unpopular routes and is going to promote prices on tickets.

The change in the graphic arts of motion caused the decline of the amount of passengers in different directions. The railway will control the stream and accordingly to change the chart of motion depending on popularity of routes, to transport all interested people. From initiatives of the South-west management of Ukrainian railways the habitants of the Crimean peninsula suffered already. From January, 21 a train is anniented 285/286 Kiev - Simferopol. The train Khmel'nitskiy Simferopol from January, 30 for February, 27 will ply three times per a week in place of former time-table in a day.

The press secretary of the Pridneprovskoy railway Sergey Pavlenko reported Cafe, that this management of transportations does not abolish a train while.

- We will wait, will look, as will pay, as will compensate passage of deadheads. We can not work itself in a loss but turns out so, - he marked. As soon as there will be plans on reduction, we will report necessarily.

Except for it the next rising in price of tickets is set. Since March, an increase will be 1,5%, then monthly prices will be increased on 3%, and at year's end again on 1,5%. In all for a year prices will grow on 20%. Expects a price and passengers of electric railways increase. The ministry of transport and connection obliged the chiefs of managements of railways to provide three-per-cent growth of tariffs each month.

As press-service of Ministry marks, one of reasons of acceptance of such decision is an unsatisfactory level of indemnification of facilities for transportation of favourable categories of citizens.

- We do not can to set tariffs for passage in a railway transport, - underlined P. Pavlenko. For international and vnutriukrainskikh routes it does Cabinet of ministers. For suburban transportations are obladministratsii, including Council of ministers of Crimea.