отдых в Крыму

The best beach of the Crimea was found in Feodosia

This year on the IX Republican competition «The Crimean pearl» the beach complex «Disko 117» was acknowledge the best beach of the peninsula, situated after Feodosia.

The leaseholder of the beach considers that the unicity of place influenced on the judge: sands and cleanness of the sea, he sees his merit in the fact that he keeps the beach clean.

The leaseholder of beach «Disko 117» Igor Narbekov reported that the request on participating in the competition the Feodosia executive committee had given, and the last years his beach occupied the second places.

- I consider that most important, when your friends or acquaintances of your friends value your work. It much steeper, than any official rewards and gold stars, - said I. Narbekov. – I even left visiting the handing of rewards, but this year I was asked to arrive, explaining that certainly it will be the first place.

According to a businessman, by the basic competitors of «Disko 117» there was a massandrovskiy beach and one of beachs of Yalta, but they are unattractive from repeatedly repainted bun and fences. Success of the Gold beach is in a greater degree explainable natural factors.

- Above all things, at choice judge gold sand influenced, cleanness exterminating cleanness of beach, - Igor Narbekov explained. – I am not engaged in sea Cleanness, it does nature – a sea is clean here, here it is not as in Feodosia of housing fund which unites livnestoki. «Biotal» stands here for us, which all clears, and we nothing does not throw down at-sea. Well and beach – it would be desirable, that he once again in five was cleaner – it will be ideal then. But again all the same are people: an urn costs here, but it is needed cigarette-end necessarily by it to throw.

A leaseholder noticed that next year he going to do on a beach soft mattresses and to give out towels, that is why as, according to his the opinion, the most important is to do service the proper.