Police is a good job

Policemen of December, 20 marked the professional holiday.

The correspondent of Kafy met with the chief of the Feodosiyskoy militia by Eugen Chernegoy, which told about militia week-days: resonance crimes and their exposed, and also about a situation in a region on the whole.

- Is there growth of criminality in Large Feodosii?

- Statistics rotined for 11 months of 2008, that growth of level of criminality is not present while. As compared to an analogical period the last year a decline is even set on 5,8% (on 80 crimes less than). Prognoses are quite unencouraging although. Guidance of the Crimean militia and we prepare to prevent the possible splash of criminality, therefore strengthen militia patrols the servicemen of subdivision Tigr and by the cossacks of the public forming Knight. With the new mayor of Feodosii we already talked about joint measures on the prophylaxis of offences and hope that we will succeed to prevent so sorrowful prognoses. Unsupported local-authorities a militia will not manage. We need their support real financial help. In particular is acquisition of fuel for patrol service. New Year approaches, and is a whole week of holidays which we would like to mark with townspeople quietly.

- What crimes became anymore?
- The thefts of private property prevail. It is a whip of all of resort settlements. This year 1443 crimes are incorporated in Large Feodosii, from them 413 thefts of private property. A 261 crime is not exposed, and however sadly, but the exposed of thefts makes an only half from the amount of registered. The lion's share of the not exposed thefts is accomplished in summer arrive criminals.
This year by the most resonance crimes of steel of attacking postman and comcenter. We work off one of versions and in the near time, think, it will be, that to tell the habitants of city, because a crime will be exposed.

- Will knights continue to guard postmen?
- Knights regularly pass studies with the purpose of acquaintance them with a legislation. It gave the positive results, public men not bad know the functional duties and select people for patrolling. In future we hope and count on their help on the guard of postmen, but guidance of mail is also necessary to save the employees. It is visible on the example of impertinent separation of comcenter, that nobody looked after a postal separation about an elementary guard. There were neither the anxious buttons nor physical guard. Employees sit with a daily profit yield and wait arrival of collectors. Mail is disposed in unattractive little building, but there during all of day visitors go and carry a money are communal payments, money orders, subscription on magazines and others like that. It would not be desirable, that from indifference of guidance their employees suffered once again.

- Are there criminal groupments in our region?
- Three criminal groupments are this year exposed. Two from them engaged in a swindle in a bank sphere and got credits on dummies, and one by the sale of drugs. Mainly the suppliers of narcotic facilities are habitants of nearby districts, and feodosiycy more frequent meet on the sale of delivery potion. Most sorrowful spreaders pull in young people in drug addiction, and at times even teenagers.

- What districts of Large Feodosii are considered kriminogennymi?
- Kriminogennykh districts in Feodosii are not present, that such, where people, conceivings a liking to the use of drugs, dwell mass. There are more than 500 drug addicts in an account in town, but the real numbers much more. Many do not speak to the doctors and try to break off pernicious habit independently, but, alas, it does not bring positive results.

- Are there the difficult tangled businesses?
- Yes, for example, last fact. In the district of Ukrtelekoma opposite school ¹ 1 passers-by found out the body of 50-years-old city dweller, dying from bodily harms. Medico-legal examination set that postradavshiy had got a craniocerebral trauma, breaks of ribs and collar-bone. A version was initially pulled out, that a man was given a dusting. It turned out after the detailed research of character of traumas, that a man had fallen a prey DTP. Operativniki found eyewitnesses crimes which told, as a machine handed over back and feodosiyca hammered together. A driver smuggled out of postradavshego practically from under the wheels of car and abandoned the place of DTP. Passers-by suggested to cause a first-aid, but a victim was in a state of shock and pain did not feel. He gave up suggestion to cause neotlozhku, and, passing 30 meters, fallen down under a tree and died. Sudmedekspert explained that if to postradavshemu medicare was in good time rendered, he would remain living. Now by us the proprietor of car is already set.

- Why do the employees of militia lay an action reluctantly?
- It is nonsense. I understand postradavshikh perfectly, for example, for some the loss 100 hryvnyas is huge harm. But to lay an action we can only in case that the sum of harm made over 780 hryvnyas. Less sums are examined in an administrative order. If postradavshikh have doubts, they can come to me on a reception. In addition, every criminal case is examined the office of public prosecutor before to say no in his excitation.

- How did you recommend people to defend oneself and the property?
- In good time to report in a militia, if suffered or became the eyewitnesses of crime. From the beginning of year 64 robberies are registered, and eight from them remain unexposed. An enormous problem for a population and militiamen is absence of street illumination. It would be desirable to caution citizens from walks on dark nooks in a night-time or to look after about escorts. Also it does not follow parents to release teenagers to go for a walk at nights.

- Townspeople complain often, that militiamen practically fail to appear on the outskirts of city. Why?
- After receiving a message about the commission of crime, the dress of militia arrives in any corner of city during a few minutes. To patrol constantly all of districts of Large Feodosii we do not can is an elementary shortage of employees. Patrol service must consist of 30 militiamen, but for us eight vacancies. It would be very desirable, that townspeople which a situation is unindifferent in Feodosii came to us on work. Trust, a militia is good job. Eta budgetary organization, giving stable earnings and moral satisfaction that, who wishes to do our city more beautiful.