I dream about the Under-fence exhibition in Koktebel

The known Moscow artist Helen Fokina settled in Koktebele. It asserts that this settlement is a wonderful place for work. According to her, here almost constantly lives a few its colleagues talented artists which are ready to bring in the contribution to creative life of Koktebelya. One of their ideas is creation of the Under-fence exhibition which can become one of sparkles of intellectual resort.

Society education

Helen Fokina borned on March, 16, 1961 in Moscow in family of biologist and serviceman. Its mother worked as a specialist on blood and engaged in researches in area of haematology, and a dad selflessly served a motherland. Helen was the unique child in family of Fokinykh, education of which parents entrusted to the grandmother to Maria to Alexander.

- A grandmother was a surprising timber-toe by a difficult fate. It knew a few languages, and German and Polish taught at school, - Helen remembers. - And in general a grandmother was a professional wife and Peter beautiful woman: a complete set is education and carriage, direct back, blameless manicure. I never saw its unbrushed even during illness. It was subjected to the repression in 1937, and my mother it gave birth in clink. A grandmother was freed before war, with a certificate without cards it appeared during a blockade in Leningrad. But it took away everything and survived. From such people it is possible to do nails.

Words by word E. Fokinoy, helped to educate it aunt Rolling an aunt Galya is gimnazicheskie girl-friends grandmothers, going to Moscow from Penzy, where they departed reference. Women with an unusual and difficult fate trusted sincerely, that main in life to teach a girl society etiquette. For example, how to sit on a chair with the high or low backs, how to carry rectangular or three-cornered a shawl, who with whom must the first greet or say goodbye and others like that.

- God sees, what they taught me to was never useful for me in life, - Helen George marked with a smile. - I very like to tell girl-friends about their instructions, that is necessary to be taken with itself, if it will be come to arrest me. To the children my not to understand, but the people of more senior generation accede to sorrow, that in soviet time intelligentsia did not deny arrests without every grounds and even morally prepared the children and grandchildren to them.


After completion of school Helen Fokina two years worked as a secretary in a publishing house Kid, and then entered the Polydiene institute.

- I consciously went out into poligraf, because near me suggested, that an artist is a not profession, - E said. Fokina. it is I not from the dynasty of artists, therefore listened to opinion of the teachers. Masha Topaz gave me lessons of painting and prepared to entering artistic school. It and explained to me, that base pay of artist in a polygraphy, and painting it for the soul. I listened to its advices, and created freely. To itself made stretchers out of vegetable boxes, and canvases from the unworn away B/Ss from under a potato.

After completion of the Moscow polydiene institute Helen George worked on agreements in different organizations. For example, one of places of its work is a publishing house Bustard, engaged in issues good Night little people and Eralash.
In 1987 Helen Fokina proposed the works which pleased art critics and admirers of painting first. It inspired an artist to give more forces writing of linens.

E. Fokina made a match for Peter Polovinskogo expert on novokonformistam (unofficial art of artists of 1960-godov). Its spouse fully decently provides family, allowing Helen to be engaged in painting and to educate three children.

Picturesque Koktebel'

First Helen arrived in Koktebel' in one and a half years with a grandmother and parents, and then family of Fokinykh annually rested in this settlement, taking off small rooms in a private sector.

- From a that period I memorized only the allergy on a flounder and turn in a dining-room which was written with on a hand an ink-pencil, - it remembers. However much the juvenile impressions forced out all of child's negative. I was already released with friends in Frog and in Lisium bays. The first romantic meetings and merry companies decorated my leisure. Then I arrived in Koktebel' already with a two-year son Aleshey, but soon eloped with him on Azov, because did not survive the deficit of milk, water and other elementary comforts. And thought, that anymore in Koktebel' will return never.

A fate bossed differently. Peter Polovinskiy met the friend on an institute Igor Sheptoveckogo, with which he once played on one stage. An institute friend helped Helen and Peter to seek out a cottage in Koktebele and reconstruct it. E. Fokina personally controlled building, helped builders. Then it engaged in the design of all of rooms. Now Helen George lives in Koktebele.

- I already finally settled in Koktebele and going nowhere from here to depart, - an artist said. I with junior daughter live here both in and summer winter, and drive out only as necessary. For example, on a summer residence in Moscow Suburb I can not write, because there constantly gloomily, flowers grow badly. Fir-trees are enclosed by windows, therefore light in my workshop penetrates on very short time. And in Koktebele even in gloomy weather in my workshop light, and flowers straight trudge from earth. Fairy-tale.

Podzabornaya exhibition

The skeleton of creative people which dream to do something substantial for a settlement was formed in Koktebele. According to Helen Fokinoy, here perfectly it works is wrote about 30 landscape.

- I am a yet not breath Koktebelem, constantly something take pictures and sketch, - it marked. Often admire neighbouring hills and can not privyknut' to that they are always different. I am very pleasant it was to give a present the works in art-kafe Mezzanine and Bohemia. As I know, many my colleagues with pleasure participate in the various cultural measures of Koktebelya. Locals and visitors know us on streets, with curiosity examine and expect that we will do something such a necessarily.
Koktebel'skie artists consulted and decided to use the area of the long white fences as the exhibition field. They arrange at a fine weather to hang out the works, that people passed by and attached to the modern art. Already three prikladnikov and painters gave the consent to participating in the Podzabornoy exhibition which will be opened in spring or summer of 2009.

- We chosen the name The Podzabornaya exhibition in an order to underline our modesty, - Helen explained. I dream to be participating to continuation of intellectual traditions of Koktebelya. To me not laziness divided the accumulated experience. I with pleasure would give master-klassy for all of persons interested. I want to mark that all of us are ready to be outlaid on it power, intellectually and materially. A wonderful teacher teaches in Koktebel'skoy painting school of arts, and I do not compete with him. Vice versa, my master-klassy is intended not for beginnings artists, but for those, who aspires to perfection.