отдых в Крыму

children will learn study of Feodosia

In school-gimnazii №5 from the second half-year the new subject will appear in sixth classes – study of Feodosia. It will help children to know history, geography, culture of the Feodosia region better.

The head master Svetlana Podolyako and manager by a city methodical cabinet Olga Zareckaya developed the program, and in 2006 this course was confirmed by the Department of education of the Crimea.

- We ran into the fact that children are poorly acquainted with many sights which are in Feodosia, - noticed in conversation C. Podolyako. – We would like, that young people remained in the region, created here, but in order to love it, it needs to be known.

The course of study of Feodosia is counted on six years: from 6 to 12 class, 30 minutes a week. it includes not only the study of history of the region but also geographical position, social programs, economy, prospects of development.

- This course deepens the knowledge on the regional features of Large Feodosia, extends knowledges about the native region, inoculates love to him, - Svetlana Grigorievna explained. – We turn special attention on the unicity of natural resources and socio-economic potential. Our practical programs and excursions will help us in the development of cognitive interest, interest to research work, development of creation, high culture of international relations, education of children the patriots of the edge, citizens of the country.