You need to go to the stage, when you have what to say

In Feodosia in the House of officers the play of the Moscow independent theater After two hares passed. The actress Ruslana Pisanka played the role of Pronya Prokopovna. After the performance Ruslana told to the correspondent of Kafa about the play, about the work and about herself.

About the play

- What did you input in the appearance of Pronya?

- We always try to infuse into the appearance some complexes, ideas, that we have something to say to the spectator. If there is nothing to say, then it is not necessary to go out on the stage. I agreed because there is a lot of women around me who fell in love with swindlers and remain with broken hearts. And I want, that men fell in love with women, and women did not make foolish mistakes, as Pronya Prokopovna.

- Did she talk sincerely, that went not for shops?

- I think, yes. She simply fell in love in his appearance.

- In this play you went out to the audience. Whose idea was it?

- It was my idea. I do so not at first, but I always improvise. Thus, I arrange a theater out of the stage. Audience is shocked firstly, but then they are also engaged in this game.

About audience

- Does Crimean public have some features?

- It is not only peninsulars but also guests from Ukraine and other countries. They react well, at least, it seems so to me, that the behavior of the audience is much more free.

- How do you communicate with the audience?

- My site is in the stage of development, because I constantly on tours. But when time appears, I will make this idea come true. It would be desirable to communicate on themes that worry people. And to help them by the experience, knowledges, influence of appearance which likes people. In fact Ruslana Pisanka is the appearance.

About work

- What from your professions - producer, anchorwoman or actress is more important and more interesting for you?

- I do not remember, when I disliked business which I was engaged in. Seven years of weather forecast, certainly, can't be named continuous pleasure, but I conducted it with interest, did not give up. Theatrical scaffolding enable me to carry myself from one world to another, that is very interesting. And now they want to return me on television I was taken off in the new show of the TV channel Inter, which will go out in September.

- If you worked as a producer, what films should you picture?

- Films for children, or fairy-tales for adults and children.

- You planned to open school of ballroom dances for persons interested to make their figure better?

- Yes, with the help of my partner, Nick Kovalenko. I have np right to open such school, I am a not dancer, although I could become an ideological inspirer, a brand. But Nick is engaged in his school, and I'm always busy. But I don't forget about the idea, it will find the embodiment, as soon as possibility appears. It is necessary to be engaged in school, and it is necessary to be here in Kiev and devote all time to it.

About herself

- What event in your life was the most extreme?

- I am an extreme person. And for the last two-three years such event were dances. It was even not on verge, but after the verge of possibilities, when with tears, with the torn muscles, poured with sweat and rubbing bloody callosities, you go and do, because you understand that you was staken on. I rested a year after this project.

- Are you superstitious? Wasn't you afraid, for example, to play a witch in Fire and sword?

- No. This was an interesting material, possibility to show yourself in the bright memorized appearance. On suggestion of Ezhi Gofmana I agreed exactly in a minute, because he is a shocking producer. I could only dream to be taken off at him. Although I can refuse from a role, if I have doubts, something prompts inwardly: You shouldn't do it.

- How do you solve problems?

- I sit down and take difficult situation to pieces. I ask myself the row of questions and answer them. Then a problem decides.

- On your look, does a woman on life need to be a bit an actress?

- Yes! You have to play with the world, with men either.

- Where and how do you like to rest?

- I can go out to a fitness-center, pool, on massage, to do some procedures which will recover me. But, for example, to go on picknick or hurry to the beach it is not a rest for me.

- What are yuor favourite places in the Crimea?

- I would name Artek to be the first miracle of the Crimea. It is the special place, which, as it seems to me, treats all mental and physical deseases.