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Bartenev was handed the «bible» of mayor of Feodosia

On Wednesday, on December, 10, Alexander Bartenev, the winner of the elections of the city head of Feodosia, was handed the certification of the mayor.

During congratulations speakers once or twice conducted historical parallels with Alexander Nevsky, warned the new leader of the city that times were difficult then. A. Bartenev reported in same queue, that he had secured support of guidance of the autonomy and said of some ideas about the future.

As «Kafa» has already reported, the 52-years-old leader of the Feodosia bulk plant Alexander Bartenev, collecting almost three fourths of voices of electors came on elections, won on preliminary results the elections of the mayor of Feodosia. Till December, 10 his competitors on elections had possibility to appeal results, however it didn't happen.

On Wednesday on the extraordinary session of the Feodosia city council, which passed in House of culture, the Feodosia territorial electoral presiding commissioner Eugen Rybalchenko announced the final results of the elections and handed to A. Bartenev the certification of the city head. There on the session the bureaucratic grade of fifth category was appropriated him, the size of post salary and raise for a time-in-service in size of 30% were set.

Guests from Simferopol arrived. In particular, the congratulation from the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko was read by the chairman of the Soviet of ministers of the Crimea Victor Plakida.

- I would like to say a few words about Feodosia, - V. Plakida pronounced among other, reminding that Feodosia has the status of resort town from the beginning of 1980th, and historical one – from the beginning of 1990th, and congratulated Alexandr Vladimirovich.

- Happened so, that our city is not nearly in the best position, - answered him A. Bartenev. – I firmly support the chairman Supreme Rady of the Crimea Anatoliy Gricenko and the chairman of Council of ministers. They did not object, that I participated in the elections. And I said that I firmly count on their support.

- I am the not prepared mayor, because there are no prepared mayors, they give itself fully, and sometimes it happens so that they leave from life, - Alexander Bartenev remembered about his predecessor Vladimir Shayderov.