The second round of Crimean Football Championship starts

From August, 16 to October, 25 in the Crimea the second round of Football Championship among the commands of peninsula will pass. In this season the bronze prizewinner of last year's championship Kafa will come forward under the new name Arsenal-Kafa.

From April to November, 2008 matches on championship on football among the Crimean commands pass. 12 commands participate in Crimean Championship. Championship is divided on two circles of games in which every command plays one time at home, one time on departure.

The president of the Feodosia sport club Arsenal Sergey Boiko reported to Kafa that after the first circle of games Kafa is on the sixth place.

After the death of the city head of Feodosia Vladimir Shayderov the soccer command Kafa broke up. The new Feodosia sport club Arsenal was registered on May, 23, 2008.

In connection with the fact that Kafa has broken up, the possessors of the cup on Feodosia Championship - 2008, footballers of Arsenal, got that suggestion to become its legal successors and to enter the championship with those points Kafa had in the first circle, specified P. Boiko. The fifth part of players of the former command Kafaplays in composition of the new command. That's why in this season of Crimean Championship the Feodosia command is named Arsenal-Kafa.

The command chief Vladimir Gvozdeckiy reported to Kafa, that the next year the command would play under the name Arsenal Feodosia. Often Kafa invited legionariess, but Arsenal-Kafa consists on 90% from the pupils of local soccer clubs.

The city selects for trainings the field and motor transport for departure matches, specified V. Gvozdeckiy. The general sponsor of command is the soccer club Arsenal, but we will not refuse the help of people, ready to inlay facilities in development of our command. Middle age of players is 20-22. Our task is to improve the game, and in this championship to become one of five best teams. Footballers look forward to fans on home games, because the presence of townspeople on the game is an enormous stimulus. The command is young and it must be supported.