Why do I like a cow-boy?

Everybody saw the films about cow-boys. Where dashing Joe, opening a folding door with a kick, banged on the bar and demanded a beefsteak with blood. And there and then began to pistol in other cow-boys. Accordin to this style salon Buffalo Bill, that is located in Pushkin street, has the same doors and strong furniture. However, I did not notice any holes from bullets on the walls. But there are pictures telling about the American Indians life, horse harness and other cow-boy things.

A menu corresponds to the name. There is a separate page of Mexican cooking, but on the other pages there are also Lasso, Macho, and even Cow-boys tongue. But, however, I should notice that the served courses are very remotely connected with the real Mexican cooking here. You can believe me, - I was in Mexico last autumn, thats why I assert it not by hearsay. However, I have not any claims on the Simferopol salon in this sense. It is difficult to find five kinds of chili pepper or black beans here. But as for the corn flat cake, that is inalienable part of cooking of central America, I found it in the menu with pleasure. There are also six kinds of tequila as it should be. But there are also a lot of usual drinks, for example, a good choice of the Crimean Wins: the wiens of Inkerman, Massandra and Koktebel. And in addition there are the Georgian wines and even the French one Chablis (250 grivnyas for a bottle). In other respects the prices on the strong drinks are quite acceptable.

Composing menu the establishment approached a question with a humour. That fact, that the menu includes not only the approximate enumeration of the ingredients of all courses (because its difficult to understand, what you should wait from the salad with such extraordinary name as, for example, Smell of a prairie) but also the approximate time of its cooking, should be praiseed separately.

As for the minuses, I should say that composing the menu the consumers rights wouldnt be observed. Quite possible that such rules are welcomed in Mexico but not in Ukraine. As we know: even if you shot through the barmans hat or suddenly broke a plate on his head, only a court can fine you for this, but in any way not a cafe. You can be turned out of an establishment but not fined. The notice about a percent for the service in the menu is also very doubtful according to the law, and we should remember this! But Buffalo Bill did better than all in this respects, an account included not only 7% for the service, but also the phrase below: A waiters reward is welcomed, but always only at your discretion. Thats why I cant understand whose these 7% are? And why are they put into an account? Are they for that fact that the salad and first course were served on my table simultaneously (because a kitchen gave them out in such succession)?

Eating a salad, I suddenly heard a whistling sound not far from me. No, it was not a Mexican snake, but only a woman with a tired look sweeping the stairs next to my table. It is important to put the cafe in order, but not in this moment. More funny thing happenened to me only in some summer cafe of Feodosiya, where a waiter suddenly threw a blanket about on the nearest table slowly taking off a shirt (I was confused and sat waiting for a continuation), then he got an iron, pressed the shirt and dressed again. There was a trick!

My estimation on 5 point scale:
Interior 4
Menu - 4
Quality of the courses 4
Service - 3
Price/quality 4
The total estimation is 19, and this is a quite good one.

You should visit this cafe for the sake of variety. You are sure to taste the maize flat cakes here and also a beefsteak with blood, it is quite delicious course. A supper (salad-first course-dessert-wine) for two persons will cost you about 150 grivnyas.