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Peter Burov: «The ground works will last to November, 27»

More than 30 years Peter Burov works in the field of railway transport. From April, 2002 he led the collective of the station "Ayvazovskaya".

P. Burov told «Cafe», as a reconstruction of railway bed, which will last till about the end of November, is conducted. He reported also, that turnovers of goods of the commodity station considerably had been increased, because the Feodosiyskaya bulk plant increased the volumes of transloading of oil and nefteproduktov.

- That mainly does transport through the station of Ayvazovskaya?

- From May, 28 for September, 30 we form compositions of passenger trains the distant following from Feodosii to Moscow, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Kharkov, and also shuttle trains on Vadim and in other settlements of Crimea. In a resort season we accept tourist trains, mainly from Dnepropetrovsk. We are whole-yearly engaged in transportation of loads, that we are the eventual point of their delivery and dispatch. At our commodity station we load or unload loads which follow on a railway. Except for it, there is a turn triangle at the station of Ayvazovskaya.

- What is it loads?

- We have to load or unload friable materials: macadam, sand, cement and suchlike. Sometimes we transport gas and military technique. For example, during studies on Chaude we loaded and disburdened almost 400 platforms with a military equipment. Only in October of this year we loaded the 140 thousand and 80 thousands tons of the imported load – transit. However made a basic turn of loads is by oil and nefteprodukty. From 2002 to 2004 the loads of the Feodosiyskoy bulk plant made the half of volume of unloading of the Crimean management, that 10-12% all of turnover of goods of the Pridneprovskoy railway.

- Are the volumes of nefteperevalki which in Feodosii now, in fact they went down in once or twice as compared to beginning of 2000th?

- Yes, in 2004 the volumes of unloading of nefteproduktov went down sharply. However after an almost two-year interruption the Feodosiyskoe enterprise on providing nefteproduktami picked up a thread work on the transloading of light nefteproduktov – fuel-oil and petrol. Before on the station of Ayvazovskaya cisterns arrived only under unloading, and then from them oil and nefteprodukty embarked on tankers and farther left a marine transport. From February, 2006 a bulk plant began to work and in retrograde, that tankers are brought by nefteprodukty, unite in capacities on an access road, from them loading is made in cisterns from which commodity compositions are formed for a dispatch on a railway to the internal market of country. Such turnover of goods allows to avoid the single use of cisterns.

- How many nefteproduktov does overload this year?

- In 2008 the Feodosiyskaya bulk plant concluded long-term treaties on the transloading of crude oil from Kazakhstan in an amount three million t/ies and more. Shipping of kazakh oil began already at the end of September. Minimum volumes will be made by 180 cisterns in days. Except for it a bulk plant plans to make loading of the imported petrol and fuel-oil for one hundred thousand tons in a month, and it – for 60 cisterns in days.

- Are not flammable loads dangerous for the environs of the station of Ayvazovskaya?

- Safety – foremost. Therefore we contain in an ideal order a fire train which is ready in any second to drive out on the first signal about a danger.

- How do you estimate consisting of railway bed of Feodosii?

- It is already a long ago outdated and requires replacement. The reconstruction of the station of Ayvazovskaya is conducted stage-by-stage from 2002. In works which provided the necessary volumes of transloading of oil were the beginning conducted. It piling of additional way and ten pointer translations in the park of drivings which allowed to carry out a serve and cleaning up of carriages from the fourth and fifth ways of the station at once to the access road of bulk plant without departure on driving of Ayvazovskaya-Feodosiya. Townspeople noticed certainly, that compositions with cisterns no longer appeared in a center a city. A way was yet put ?8 and six osvetitel'nykh match, that improved the terms of labour of railroaders in a night-time.

- That is it yet planned to do?

- From 10 to November, 27 at the station of Ayvazovskaya substituting of wooden railroad ties is conducted by reinforced-concrete, piling of new rails of R-65, one linear meter of which is counted on loading in a 65 kilogram. Except for it, pointer translations will revive, and the row of reconstructions will be conducted in a commodity park. For example, a fence, fencing off railway ways from the unasked guests, will be set.

- How will a reconstruction affect curriculum of motion of trains?

- On gruzoperevozkakh and graphic arts of motion of trains the distant following works at the station of Ayvazovskaya will be reflected in no way, and the curriculum of shuttle trains will change. Passengers must be more attentive at planning of the journeys, because daily shuttle trains will be anniented, in fact the reconstruction of ways will be conducted mainly in sunrise-to-sunset