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Galina Melaschenko: «I love all children without exceptions»

Galina Melaschenko devoted the life to teaching Ukrainian at school. She is the hereditary teacher, and passed love to the profession to the daughters which continued the dynasty.

G. Melaschenko considers the love to children to be the main in the work. The school became another family for her. Now she gives knowledge to the children of her first students.

In footsteps of mother

Galina Shvec was born in the family of worker and teacher. Her senior sister Tatyana became the railroader, and she has chosen the profession of teacher.

- Since childhood I spent at school together with a mother, - Galina Vasiliy remembers. – My mother is Valentina Mark – loved the students as children, and they reciprocated one's feeling it. I very liked to look after it, when it socialized with schoolboys. Its graduating students often came to us home or to it in school, to express it the gratitude for complimented with knowledges and parting words which was useful for them in future. Therefore after completion of school I firmly decided to become a teacher.

In 1965 G. Shvec finished school, there was only one «four» in its certificate. It entered a Chernovickiy state university on the separation of Ukrainian and literature.

- I am very glad that my choice fallen exactly on this institute of higher, - Galina Vasiliy said. – In Dnepropetrovsk I did not hear so beautiful and correct Ukrainian speech, as Chernovcakh. Ukrainian and literature always impressed me, and I with particular interest waded in the study of favourite object. In 1967 I made a match for Vladimir Melaschenko, which studied in a that university on a historical faculty. In 1968 the first daughter Natalia borned for us.

First lesson

Galina Melaschenko remembers the first lesson which conducted in Chernovcakh at school often ? 2:

- This was a very numerous seventh class. I very conscientiously prepared to the first lesson in life. For students he was most ordinary, and for me by the real examination. I remember how before the beginning of employments agitation grew, but then I walked over the threshold of class, and at once I succeeded to set a contact with students. As a lesson flew, does not remember already, he flew in one gulp, because children very actively joined in work. I remember now, that after a lesson I had excellent moods. I was happy that is why, that all turned out. Working as a teacher, I felt the same senses often, but those first – not to forget.

After completion of university V. Melaschenko caused in a military registration and enlistment office and suggested to go to serve in an army. On domestic advice the married couples decided to accept military commissar. Whew Vladimir Grigory became servicemen. He had to serve on Kamchatka, Far East and in Poland, and family everywhere followed by him. In 1975 G. Melaschenko complimented with a husband the second daughter Julia.

Not in every settlement, where military part was disposed, Galina to Vasiliy succeeded to find job. For example, in Russia and Poland the teachers of Ukrainian were not required.

- In Petropavlovske-kamchatskom I passed a re-attestation and went to work as the teacher of initial classes, and on Far East it was necessary to work as a managing library and even director of bookstore, - Galina Melaschenko was divided flashbacks. – Only in 1977 we moved to Feodosiyu, and I settled down on work in school ?2.

School ? 2

According to Melaschenko, with feodosiyskoy school ? 2 its basic labour activity is CPLD. Working three years in this educational establishment, it is forced was to retire, because a husband was translated on service to Poland.

- In 1982 we again went to Feodosiyu, and I again began to teach Ukrainian at second school, - a teacher remembers. – After in 1985 of spouse translated in Petropavlovsk-kamchatskiy, but in 1988 we again arrived to Feodosiyu, and at school ?2 again the place of teacher of Ukrainian appeared vacant. 20 years are this year carried out, as I at a stretch work in this educational establishment. The same school was finished by my daughter, and after completion of institute of higher began to teach in it. Whew feodosiyskaya school ? 2 disembogued in my the family.

According to Galina Vasiliy, this year a class which it managed was exhaust. Now it took class guidance in a fifth class which conducts teaching in Ukrainian language.

- I can not privyknut' until now, that my children became the grown man and already abandoned school, - a teacher was divided. – it seems to me still, that will be opened door of cabinet, and anybody from them will appear on a threshold. I miss to on by him so, that not to pass words. They miss also, many of them called me already to on a few one times. I already not once tested similar. This feeling passes only after New Year, when they going on vechere of meeting of graduating students and will tell about itself, who and as lives farther. By the way, the children of my students the acts of which often remind me their parents study in many my classes. They even misbehave identically. I love all of children without an exception, and when little people repeat the parents, I quite often remind the grown man about it.

«With milk of materi»

Both daughters Galina Melaschenko continued a domestic dynasty and became teachers. Senior daughter Natalia teaches Russian and literature in uchilische in Ordzhonikidze of the Dnepropetrovsk area. Junior Julia in the beginning finished the producer faculty of the Kherson institute of culture, after conducted a dramatic group at feodosiyskoy school ?2, but then firmly decided to become a teacher. It got pedagogical education and became a teacher.

- School is my calling, - Julia Vladimir is convinced. - I very love children, also as my mother, grandmother and sister. From little up I conducted mass of time at school, therefore love of children absorbed in itself with milk of materi. Now I do not even think about other profession. A mother repeated often: to be a good teacher, it is necessary to love children and be friends with by their parents. Only in a warm domestic situation, by the surrounded love, kind and feel legs people grow. For Galina Vasiliy school became a temple. Exactly this feeling appears and for me. Thus, than anymore work at school, the more frequent and more distinct I feel it.

Daughter of Julia Tarutinoy Ekaterina studies in the eighth class of school ? 2. It dreams to continue a domestic dynasty and also to become a teacher. A mother and grandmother is glad it, but underline that Katya will do a final choice after completion of school.