отдых в Крыму

Beachs in the Crimea are not closed

On the official site of the Ministry of health of Ukraine recently information appeared that it is forbidden to bath on the beachs of settlement Ribachie (Alushta) and the Lenin district.

The report of the Ministry was caught up by many mass-media. SES(Sanoitary Epidemic Station) of the Lenin district refutes this information, asserting that they had no official decision about closing of beachs. In Republican SES one marks that all beachs of the Crimea are opened.

- We take the tests of water regularly, and I can say that everything is normal, the indexes of water are good, there is no threat to health, and nobody is ill, - the manager of the sanitary-hygenic department of SES of the Lenin district Valentine Kapryan notarized.

However it is indicated on the site of the Ministry of health of Ukraine, that in the Lenin district in six tests of salt water the deviation from the norm of index of collibacillus was exposed, therefore bathing on these beachs is forbidden, and that they are under the supervision of SES.

Employees of Lenin SES are in bewilderment: they got no official orders about closing of beachs. V. Kapryan added that specialists take the tests of salt water every week on Mondays.

- I can explain it this way. It happens so - today water is with the rejections of norm, tomorrow it is clean, - Valentine marked. - It is not tapwater, it is a sea – a wave brought it, a wave took away. I will repeat once again – nobody is ill, water is normal, bathing is allowed, there is nothing to worry about.

The Republican SES confirmed the words of colleagues from the Lenin district, marking that all beachs of the Crimea are opened.

Why did such report appear on the site of the Ministry of health, V. Kapran does not know.

- Maybe, they forgot to renew, - he supposed.- We regularly send the results of our researches both to Simferopol and Kiev. There they might take tests, then we sent the results, and the information on the site has already appeared. I do not know how it has happened so. But I know that salt water is all right!