A cup of coffee, and quickly!

I visited the cafe Caffeine, that is located in Pushkin street, on my friends advice, they had a cup of coffee here and praised it very much. Mainly the waiters service was praised. There is ten minutes sand-glasses on the tables, and if coffee (tea or strong drink) is not served you during this time, your drink will be paid at the expense of the cafe.

To my surprise, I didnt see any sand-glasses in the cafe, they must be only in the smoking-hall. But I appreciated the serving personnels promptness and courtesy at their true value. An apartment is designed quite nicely: there is a mysterious wall-painting on the themes of coffee with appliques including the pieces of fabric and fur, the ceiling is laid (inlaid) with the portraits of women wich skin was colour of coffee and the bar is designed with the bamboo sticks. A designer did his best: in spite of the mixed design, there is the impression of harmoniousness and style of the cafe, which is intensified by the dark little tables and bar with magazines that can be read drinking coffee.

The menu retains a very pleasant impression. It is unusual because it is divided on two separate parts: Drink and Eat. According to the name, the establishment accentuated especially coffee in its menu. You can not only order the method of its preparation here but also grains that it will be made of. And if you know what is the difference between Arabika and Robusta, Latin-American and African coffee, you will understand me! Of course, there is good choice of cognacs, aperitives and whisky here. For a long time I didnt see a list including ten kinds of whisky (as, I will notice in brackets, for a long time I didnt see the cognac Hennessy XO that price is about 2100 grivnyas for a bottle). I will also mark an excellent choice of grogs, punches, mulled wines and liqueurs. A wine map deserves the highest estimation here.

Looking through the list of the courses that includes an oatmeal and ten kinds of small pancakes, I especially noted the pork under a gingery sauce with herbs. Price of the salads here varies from 10 to 35 grivnyas, and as for the first courses they will cost you about 50 grivnyas for portion. There is a good choice of any courses, and probably, you will be satisfied.

But as for me, I was not so lucky. I am a lady of pretensions, thats why the salad Caesar, that I was served here, surprised me a lot. If you order the Olive, you expect to see the pieces of the boiled vegetables and meat, seasoned with a sauce, dont you? So I also expected to see exactly the classical Caesar. No, I am not against the quail eggs that the salad was garnished, I like them. But the substitution of a boiled chicken meat by the pieces of a smoked one purchased in a shop, did not impress me at all. Possibly, I will be more lucky next time.

My estimation on 5 point scale:
Interior - 5
Menu - 5
Quality of the courses 4-
Service - 5
Price/quality 4
The total estimation is 23, and this is an excellent one.

This cafe is really worth visiting exactly to have a cup of coffee. A supper (salad-first course-dessert-wine) for two persons will cost you about 200 grivnyas. You will not be overcharged here, and your account will not include any gratuities.