отдых в Крыму

In Simferopol the International institute was closed

The State accreditation commission halted the activity of the International institute of interculture communication because of absence of the license of Department of education.

The pro-rector on educational work of the International institute of interculture communication Leonid Tsvet told «The Fresh Newspaper» that in the institute of higher education one knew about this decision from the Internet. They didn't get the writing order about the closing.

— the college had the second level of accreditation, so we could turn out bachelors only. We appealed to the Department of education of the Crimea with the accreditation of the college on the third level, — Leonid Tsvet told. — The commission of the ministry said no, explaining that in Ukraine the institute of higher education, naming as «college», can not get the third level. Then the founders decided to change the name «college», so the institute was created. The license of the college will be closed in two years, and in the institute we began to collect documents necessary for his licensing at once.

— But the process of signature of documents delayed, both in the Crimea and in Kiev, — the pro-rector on educational work marked. - Finally the institute handed over all required documents in the spring-2008 and began to wait for an expert commission. Meantime, the license of the college made off at the beginning of July. New educational year began, and the expert commission did not arrive. On the fear and risk the institute decided to transfer collegians in the institute and conduct the new set of students. In October the commission arrived to the institute, but not the one we had expected. The international institute of intercultural communication was checked up for the purpose of the accordance of set of students to the rules accepted in Ukraine. And in connection with that the set was done without licence, the State accreditation commission made the decision to say no in its delivery.

Soon arrived and the Expert commission on delivery of licenses and, on that reason, also did not recommend the institute of higher education to get a license. — I think, neither the Department of education nor the State accreditation commission are interested that we have own building, excellent technical providing. For example, for teaching of translators we use the simultaneous translation system, and there are only three such systems in the Crimea — Leonid Tsvet noticed.

Students do not agree with the closing of the institute. They have already written letters to Departments of education of the Crimea and Ukraine with the request to revise this decision.

About the situation the student of the 3 course Irene told. — We very like the teaching level, and the quality of education. Here are the excellent terms of teaching. Here we are constantly submerged in the atmosphere of language. We do not have a desire to pass to other institutes. We want to continue teaching here, — she said.