отдых в Крыму

Simferopol citizens saw the show of Ruslana

Last Saturday first for five years the habitants of Simferopol saw the complete concert program of Ruslana, passing in support of the album «Amazon».

At the conference the Ukrainian singer reported that she had chosen the name of album not by chance. - Amazon, I can say, is my second name. I support not all ideology of amazons, but I consider that in our time a woman must be strong and self-sufficient, — the singer noticed. — Everybody, who comes to the concert will get a lot of drive. The press-service of Ruslana anounced that the new show was a highly technological musical spectacle of world level.

The action of show carries spectators to the virtual, fantastic worlds, incarnated with the help of modern projection technologies, developed specially for the show of Ruslana. The producerof show is the deserved artist of Ukraine Irina Mazur. Also in Simferopol the singer said that then she actively helped the habitants of Western Ukraine, suffered from the flood. In the nearest plans of Ruslana is the journey to America for the wopking on a new clip and world version of album. «Wild Energy», performance on the show «Miss Poloniya» in Poland, etc.

- We are in our best form and state of wild energy, — the singer marked. — And we will show our show absolute free, due to our antipiratic initiative and collaboration with the mobile operator MTS. The program is unusual and Simferopol citizens will be able to estimate what show we have brought. Except Simferopol citizens, the habitants of Lvov, Mariupol, Ivano-Francovsk, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhie will see the show of Ruslana.