отдых в Крыму

It is a correct trunk

So, I am in Pushkin street again and I was going there with a certain goal - to have a snack in the cafe «Sem sorok». Because I prefer the Jewish cooking not less than Ukrainian one. But alas: the door of the cafe, that is quite difficult to find, was closed again. I marked time, went out from a rather dirty yard, and suddenly my eyes met the signboard of the cafe «Trunk».

I went down the steps in the cafe and at once I was charmed with the interior, it was very nice here. The design of the hall really included trunks of different sizes, a decorator used exactly their appearance designing the interior. And I should say that he remarkably coped with his task. There are the upholstered sofas, chairs like in old times, the portieres separated tables from each other, keeping the feeling of intimacy. And there are also the dark balusters under the ceiling, gramophone, and TV sets in the gilt frames. All these get A. Only the hand-rails, leading to the cafe, were painted pink and green and didn’t blend with general style at all. But in other respects there were nothing to carp at. Good crockery and courtesy of waiters were also noted.

The menu left the most pleasant impression, it was written with humour and looked like an old newspaper. It is worthy of a separate praise. Besides the traditional salads and appetizers (from 12 to 31 grivnyas) in the menu, there are also breakfasts. It is rarely to find an omelette or oatmeal porridge, but here they are. With pleasure I also noted a good choice of the first courses, their assortment includs a mushroom cream-soup (18 grivnyas) that you are sure to taste. But a wine map pleased me less. Yes, it is pleasant to read, that there is a good choice of rum and other strong drinks here, but the Crimean wines are represented traditionally miserly. But there are expensive Georgian wines.

Courses are cooked very delicious. Salad here is not the pieces of vegetables and meat chaotically thrown about a plate and thickly covered with a mayonnaise, but an original delicious composition of ingredients that is desirable to eat more than once. From myself I will add that it would be better if the olive oil and wine vinegar were served on the tables in this establishment. And the brandname serviettes always advantageously emphasize a style of the establishments, - I wish the cafe hadn’t thought about such detail.

My estimation on 5 point scale:
Interior – 5-
Menu - 5
Quality of the courses – 4+
Service - 4
Price/quality – 4
The total estimation is 22, and this is an excellent one.

It is very good place to treat a lady to dinner or supper. A meal (salad-first course-dessert-wine) for two persons will cost you about 200 grivnyas. You will not be overcharged here, but account includes 10% of gratuities. In spite of the phrase in your check that you can reward a waiter at your discretion. The law seemed to be not broken, but there was an unpleasant after-taste