отдых в Крыму

One gave 10 years for attempt upon the life of the official of Feodosia

In the morning on May, 20 Feodosia citizen entered the Feodosia executive committee and poured Victor Bolotsky with petrol in his working cabinet. The attempt was prevented, and a malefactor appeared before the court.

«Kafa» wrote before that on May, 20 about 10 a.m. in the cabinet of the manager of executive committee Victor Bolotskogo came Dmitry Ivanov, the former leaseholder of one of apartments in the court of the executive committee. The malefactor splashed from the bottle on him and got a cigarette-lighter, but V. Bolotskiy and man, present there at that time, prevented to set a fire. Nobody had suffered.

The investigation which guilt and bad motive of D. Ivanov was set, lasted for a few months. The investigation was predisposed to the version, that the leader of public organization of Union of journalists of the Crimea «Fires» harboured spite on Victor Diomidovich for the refuse of the executive committee to prolong a lease on the apartment.

The public prosecutor Ivan Shudel reported to «Kafa» that from October, 20 the criminal case on an attempt upon life on former manager of the executive committee had been examining in the court.

- The meeting lasted for few days, the defendant was protected by two advocates, and the prosecution was supported by two public prosecutors, - told I. Shudel. – The defendant and his defenders tried to defend a version, that the defendant poured the cabinet of the victim on purpose to scare and didn't mean to encroach upon him. However during the judicial meeting the proofs were given that the defendant prepared to the attempt, and to carry out the plan him circumstances, not depending on the defendant, prevented.

The court sentenced Dmitry Ivanov to ten years of imprisonment for the attempt upon life of a man. The sentence hasn't yet enter into legal force, and advocates intend to appeal it in the Supreme court of Ukraine.