Its time to drink a mulled wine!

Saying honestly, I have never prefered the draperies, multi-layered table-cloths and imperial chandeliers in the interiors of restaurants. I prefer much more the modern design, easy and stylish, alike the one in the establishment Madam Kliko, located near a bus station. On the other hand, exactly the name of this restaurant implies a French splendour of the last centuries in the design of the hall. Reading its name I imagine the large mirrors, gilded mouldings and fire in a fire-place. But there is nothing of these. So you can only make a helpless gesture, there is an excellent design, but unconnected with the name. Music is also quiet and good, but not French one.

The menu of the kafe-restaurant is also very remotely connected with France. On the one hand, there is a choice of the cream-soups and obligatory fua-gra, but on the other one, there is a very praiseworthy choice of the small pancakes, thick pancakes and, for some reason, sushy. Evidently, the real connoisseurs of the cooking of the high quality are outnumbered in Simferopol, and the establishment decided to extend an assortment. I dont think that this decision was correct. Certainly, the availability of a cabbage salad in the menu (7 grivnyas), is the display of democracy, that is so naturaly for France. But when a duck breast under a cranberry sauce (56 grivnyas) is next to it in the list, there is some kind of perplexity

There is an excellent choice of strong drinks (that cant be said about the Crimean wines, and such situation is not uncommon!), To my delight I found here the French Buzhole, Shardone and even Burgundy, that price was about 250 grivnyas for a bottle. And of course, there is a champagne here! Perhaps, there is the greatest choice of this drink, which I have had occasion to meet in the Crimea. A bottle Veuve Clicquot will cost you 1000 grivnyas, but if you dont want to spend such money, it is possible to replace it by the Novosvetovskoe champagne (130 grivnyas). And saying confidentially, there is a slight difference between these drinks.

But you never must order the Soviet champagne, and it doesnt matter that it is half the price of the Novostvetovskoe one. It is quite unworthy replacement!

But lets go back into the restaurant. Ill say with the great pleasure, that courses are very delicious and portions are quite big here. It means that a salad is not a pitiful handful of vegetables to which other cafes have trained us, but a garnished full plate. There is an excellent choice of the fish courses. And, perhaps, I have never eaten so skilful cooked mushrooms as here! Separately I will note the announced here festival of the mulled wines, - that is the one you are sure to taste, when the cold weather is not so far off.

Going to visit this establishment, you should take into account your financial possibilities and preferences of your lady. Because she can order a portion of vareniks with a potato for 12 grivnyas here, and a medallion made of a marble beef for 195 grivnyas (and you can believe me that this course is not the most expensive one here). Or if she suddenly wants to treat herself orderring a bottle of the champagne Dom Perin'on for 2,5 thousands Thats why to avoid misunderstandings it would be better if you invite a lady which you know well !

From the minuses I will note that it would be better if the waiters dont chatter about their personal themes. I think such conduct is out of place.

My estimation on 5 point scale:
Interior - 4
Menu - 4
Quality of the courses 5
Service - 4
Price/quality 4
The total estimation is 21, and this is a high one.

The French restaurant is such establishment that should be! It is such kind of establishments, that you have to visit only once in a year to indulge yourelf in eating of a really excellent, delicious courses. And you will not be also overcharged here and your account will not include the gratuities for service.