With Tavria on departure

Simferopol fans don't always succeed to support Tavria, when it plays in guests. Travelling along Ukraine is a not hike on the Locomotive. Time and money is needed for this purpose. But a blind lot in the cup of Ukraine presented a pleasant surprise driving out not to Kharkov or Ivano-Francovsk, but to the Crimean village Kalinino, where htw command Feniks-Illichevec is based.

The club selected six busses for the journey of fans on the game free of charge. Though game took place on Wednesday, in the working day, there were a lot of wishing to go. Visibly at the gate of stadium Locomotive about three hundred persons gathered which hardly got into the transport. When all took their seata, a man in skin jacket, named as the employee of Kievan region department of militia, came, and began to write down the last names and telephones ofthe present. Why incomprehensible, because he did not rewrite all people. The road appeared enough long and nervous there was no confidence, that we will come to the beginning of the game (and it began extraordinary early in 12.00), because drove out behind time.

Few times fanaticisms tried to sing, but they failed. It was anymore desirable to reach quick and...to the rest room. A likable stadium in Kalinino met fans with warm weather and watchful looks of locals. Support of competitor in such amount did not simply arrive here. Having occuppied two sectors of the tribune, the fans of Tavria arranged a colourful show with flags and rhymes which certainly impressed local fan-sector.

After the game, finished with the victory of Simferopol players, fans noisily met the favourites at the locker room. And some players were even thrown in the air. Returning turned out to be not so glad. Whether from emotions, whether from surplus of beer in one bus fanaticisms injured seats. The driver landed all at once, and they had to fill in other busses and ride upright. The departure was also darkened with the broken seats on kalininskaya Youth. But most fanaticisms had only positive emotions from departure. Besides, the favourite command won.

The newspaper thanks Oleg Komunyar for the given pictures