I still don't know, how I became soccer fanaticism

Kafa met with Igor Bespalenko, ex-active fanaticism. He has more than 110 general departures and histories from life of participants of fan-clubs. He asserts that life of soccer fanaticism is full the most different impressions.

Who is a soccer fanaticism? What does fanaticism differ from fans?

And in Ukraine and abroad fans carry wall outlets (the scarfs of fans are named so). It is very prestige to have a sport shirt from the shoulder of native command footballer, brandname wall outlet. Abroad all fans come in the colors of command to the game, and fanaticisms never do so. In my understanding the right fan-motion abroad are soccer hooligans (mass media named them so).

So a fan and a fanaticism are two different concepts?

Two different. Who does a fan behaves: when a command wins he is glad: good command. Loses spits, ready to discharge trainer. Fanaticism behaves another way: even if a command loses, he leads the theme: And we will win anyway and will not give three points!. The charm of fanaticism, exactly right fanaticism is the road, company and adventures. Right fanaticisms are, as a rule, young people which drive out enough far and regularly. For example, for thousand, one and a half thousand kilometres from the city.

When did you understand that you became a soccer fanaticism?

I still don't know. Somehow.

Are all soccer fanaticisms hooligans?

No, certainly, not all. Simply hooligans are more evidently. And so, the amount of hooligans, among fans and among ordinary people, I consider, is the same.

Are often the fans of different commands aggressive to each other? Why?

It is the tradition. For example, if it is great clubs, commands between itself are considered to be competitors, and, naturally, fanaticisms support this also. And actually even among fanaticisms of Kiev Dynamo and Moscow Spartac leaders never fight practically. They say that it is destiny of young people. Among fanaticisms it is considered so: even if one Kievan will arrive to Moscow, sit down on the sector of fanaticisms, for example, CSKA one will be never touched! Two-three persons can be beated.

What is your favouirte team?

In the soul I am fanaticism of rovensky Veres. Now it is on lower tournament positions of the Second league of Ukraine. Well, I like Zaporozhia Metallurg (there my the best friends-fanaticisms), well, and traditionally, Kievan Dynamo.

And when noy these teams play, you look matches?

Well yes. And that it is better to rate in the book-maker office. You put total more than two with a half and you support two teams. You put a goal from 31th to 90th minute and the first half an hour you sit and grab for a heart at every dangerous moment, and then you support both teams.

Do you play football?

I played at school, and then two or three years. When I was a fanaticism, we decided to create a team and declare it on the winter championship of the area. This team exists until now, in spite of the fact that the first participants and founders have already left it. And the team exists under the same name Spark and turns up on championship of the Rovenskoy area. Naturally, the motto of our command was: Flame will flare up from Spark!.

What was the memorized match which you saw?

Strangely enough, this question can be divided on two: memorized match and memorized match which I saw (laughs). The memorized match is my 41th departure to Dnepropetrovsk, then I was put on a rose and two brandname flags. I so was drunk, that I remember neither the game nor as I got on the stadium. I awakened at night in the trolleybus of circular route. I returned home out of cash, was late on work on three hours. Dirty, unshaven I came on work, where it was said me, that our had lost with an account 4:0... So I knew the score of match on which present.

And the game which I saw, certainly, it is my eighth departure, on August, 10, 1991, Second league of the Soviet Union, Steel (Alchevsk) is Veres (Rovno). Then our command had good sponsors, apparently, they purchased judges, because at the account of 0:0 in the 89th minute the judge appointed a penalty in the gate of owners. The command of the field owners began to kick him. The judge had hardly escaped, but ours did not hammer the penalty, the command captain beated.