Yalta-film increases the possibilities

This year the Yalta film studio marked the 90th jubilee with noticeable achievements in development of cinemabusiness. Yalta-film plans to interest cinemaconcern Bavaria-Film with the possibilities business, shooted the teaser of the first rental film Khortica and proposed it to the international market, and also started telepavillion.

The press-centre of the Yalta film studio reports that Yalta-film took off the teaser of the first rental film Khortica. It is the historic and adventure action describing two historical periods: X and XVII ages.

On the plot, the action of film takes place on territory of Prichernomorye, Turkey and cradle of Ukrainian the cossacks the island Khortica. The basis is the legend about two magic swords owned by the Kievan prince Svyatoslav. During the battle of Svyatoslav with the pecheneg prince Kurey in 972 one of swords sinks, and pechenegs got the second one. Swords will cross again after 600 years, when the descendants of princes meet in the battle for the right to be named Ruler of Prichernomorye. Beautiful and tender history of love passes through intriguing history and shocking turns of events.

- Film Khortica was planned in 2005 on many reasons, - the general director of joint-stock company Yalta film studio Dmitry Taran explained. - There are and brending of the known trade mark without a product in the shot, and formulation of appearance of Ukrainians, as characters of national self-identification, and desire to make the cash picture in the unbusy thematic niche of heroic epos. It is the special project which is called to make honour and money sense of any cinematographic life.

Surveys passed in the pavilion and on the raunchs of the Yalta film studio, and also in the Genoese fortress. The premiere of teaser of the film Khortica (with participation producers and film crew) took place within the framework of international market of Moscow Teleshow Vesna 2008.

- It is our first full-length project. We consciously went by non-standard way and initially took off the teaser to the film to visualize the scenario of film, - the executive producer of the film Maksim Onoprienko told. - Thus, we present the possibilities of film studio to take off the high-quality full-length film.

On information of press-centre of the Yalta film studio, the teaser attracted new investors, therefore in the spring 2009, as it is forseen in the scenario, the cinem will begin surveys.