отдых в Крыму

In the city the Day of fight against stroke passed

In Simferopol the Day of fight against stroke took place, which is marked on October, 29. From 10 o'clock a..m in ten points of the city all interested persons could measure the arteriotony and in the case of necessity get doctor's consultation. In addition, they could sign under the manifest against smoking.

Specialists assert that stroke occupies the second place in the list of illnesses from which Ukrainians die. But no less than 80 percents of cases could be warned, if enough attention was spared to such factors of risk of development of stroke, as smoking, saccharine diabetes and syndrome of increase of arteriotony.

The director of national Council of questions of health protection at President of Ukraine Nick Polischuk marks that today Ukraine on life-span in Europe occupies the second place behind. And it is connected not only with medicine, and on 50-55 percents the problem consists in terms and method of life of people. — I should mark that our country occupies the first place in Evurope on smoking among men. But, alcohol, tobacco are the main reasons of heart diseases. There is the Law of Ukraine forbidding smoking in public places, but he is not executed, — Nick Polischuk talks. — We want to pay attention of people, that hypertensive illness is the basic factor of heart attack and stroke. It would be desirable to say people, that they can be healthy, main to change the way of living — not to use alcohol, tobacco, rationally to eat. It is needed to remember, that health is in person's hands.

The health of the Crimea minister Sergey Donich added that the action on measuring of arteriotony is the private thing from general one and it will be conducted not only in Simferopol but also in other regions of the peninsula. In Crimea antitobacco coalition is presently created. Its purpose is to watch after the observance of antitobacco legislation and assist his realization on territory of the Crimea. The Coalition kernel will be become the organizations «Ecology and world», Association of medical workers of the Crimea, Crimean republican establishment «Center of Health».