Ordinary Gourmet

There is the phrase in one of the old Russian cartoons: A boat will sail as you name it. Alas, I should establish with sadness that it is not always true. For example, the cafe Gourmet located on Pushkin street. I can assure you: there is nothing to do for the gourmets in this establishment. But some years ago everything was different: courses here were cooked better and more delicious, waiters were also more qualified. And interior, that in opening day of the cafe seemed to be very stylish, against a background of the new establishments seems to be ordinary now. And only the forged tables encrusted with a stone are still quite refined.

However, the choice of courses is quite pleasant here. There is about ten kinds of salads (made of vegetables and sea food), quite good choice of juliennes, soups and desserts. There are a lot of fashionable in nowadays warm salads, among them I would mention the Tayskiy one with a chicken filet and mushrooms (15 grivnyas). Judging by names of the first courses a cook has a reach imagination: Tempting fish (pike perch, but it can be also cooked realy very well), Crazy delicacy (appetizing flesh of veal, - reading this, I have a desire to stick a fork into it, and eat with relish piece by piece. As for the price, it costs 25 grivnyas for portion).
And the choice of strong drinks, to my mind, is not so good as should be. Of course, there is about ten kinds of vodkas (Khortica - 8 grivnyas for 100 g, choice of Koktebel cognacs (*** - 14 grivnyas for 100 g), tequila, rum. But as for the dry wines, I should say that situation is much worse here. Only single name for every kind. Such things in the Crimea! What is a nonsense? But there is a rich choice of liqueurs and hookahs (the price of the last one varies from 40 to 140 grivnyas).

As for the taste qualities of courses, it is one of the weakest points of the establishment. Believe me, the taste of any salad can be spoiled with a lavish amount of mayonnaise. Exactly such situation I had this time. With melancholy I looked at the streams of mayonnaise that whimsically set under the grated cheese, on the lonely grains of an pomegranate. It was not that bright large pomegranate that I expected to see, it was colourless and missing a sun. I looked also at the indentations on an edge of the dish, in which salad was served... Then I began to study a zhyulen. So, I should add that the cook was too lazy to cut mushrooms for it. It grieved me, to eat this zhyulen. No, it was quite edible, but as for the taste, it should be better if I say nothing.

Service completed my disappointment (but it was my favourite cafe before this!). At first I sat in the hall of the first floor during 10 minutes in a hope, that I would be noticed and served, but vainly. I had to come down and make an order at a bar. Then a waitress with a pious expression (probably, she had a stomach-ache, or her private life was not favourable, - but is this my fault?) brought me a salad and put only a fork next to it. And I required a persistence, to prove, that salad should be eaten using not only a fork but knife. Whether should I say that I was served neither serviettes nor salt and pepper on the table?

I will also note a music. It was quite pleasant, but louder that it can be possible to speak with your vis-a-vis without any problem.

My estimation on 5 point scale:
Interior - 4
Menu - 4
Quality of the courses - 3
Service - 2
Price/quality 4
The total estimation is 17, and this is the average one.

It is good to come and have a cup of coffee with a fancy cake during the day-time or beer in the evening here. A supper (salad-first course-dessert-wine) for two persons will cost you 100-150 grivnyas, this price is quite reasonable in nowadays. But you should remember that courses here are not for the gourmets, they will appreciate quite common tastes without any pretensions to the refinement. You will not be overcharged and taken percents for service here.