отдых в Крыму

The problem of obsolescense of dwelling city fund is decisive

Plenty of houses in Simferopol had been built before 1917 year, and need major repairs. Without it houses become emergency ones. This problem can be decided.

The vice-chairman the Kievan district soviet Sergey Potapov told to «The Fresh Newspaper», many houses in Simferopol need major repairs, but the city had no money for this.

— The Kievan district needs about 18 million hryvnyas to conduct major repairs of dwelling fund, — Sergey Potapov says. — And only about one and half million hryvnyas was selected for that. We are occupied, mainly, with the removal of emergency situations which appear because of long exploitation of buildings. And if there will be no solvation, we will simply have more houses, and expenses on their maintenance will be considerably higher.

The vice-chairman added that this problem could solved in two stages: the habitants of house, requiring major repairs, can unite in SJOA (the society of joint owners of apartment houses). When creating such society the first major repairs of building must be conducted due to the state or sponsor. In our case, when the state has no money for this, the problem can be decided with the help of building of additional floors on the method of «Flamingo». In this case engineerings networks are fully replaced in the building, and works are conducted without settling out of lodgers and have the capital character.

One of the lodgers of house, chosen as a pilot one in the plan of similar buildings of floors is against the reconstruction.

— I am an engineer and know that they will be able to conduct it only if converting a house into a coffin: they will build a box above and all, — the habitant asserts.

Sergey Potapov explained to «The Fresh Newspaper», what this is eliminated. — This engineer would better join us and helped to decide the problem, but not criticized our actions, — the vice-chairman said. — And nobody is going to convert a house in a coffin. In our interests, that houses in the Kievan district were beautiful and durable.