отдых в Крыму

«Feodosia turns into the valuable resort again»

«Kafa» met with Tatyana Perekatova knew its opinion of changes which happened for this time. She lives in Moskow now and has been arriving to Feodosia on rest during 20 years.

- How do you think why people come to the Crimea and who are they?

- Plenty of people loving the Crimea come here. And in general it is possible to select two categories: those, who are afraid to go abroad, in other cultural environment, and those, who came to the Crimea, comes and will come.

- When did you get in Feodosia at first?

- First I arrived to Feodosia in 1985, this was the first Crimean city, and first town-resort I saw in my life. At that time this was the valuable resort. We got off from a train and at once dipped into the fuss, into the sun and very stormy life which was here then. This was the beginning of alteration times, and no changes of the town did not touch it. It lived on the soviet resort laws: a lot of people, a lot of cheap establishments, then soviet dining-rooms...

- Was this a casual arrival or you came here with some exact purpose?

- At that time in Feodosia on the Gold beach the festival of author song was conducted and it was named, as well as everything in the Crimea, «Scarlet sails». We arrived to participate in it.

- What changed since that times?

- I quite often visited Feodosia and saw all changes, taking place in the town stage-by-stage. It changed together with the entire countries of the former USSR. And already in 90-s everything changed – it turned into the provincial city with the sea. I see now, that five or seven years ago Feodosia started turning again into the valuable resort, a good, merry, cheerful city, as I saw it the first time.

- For what do you arrive to Feodosia?

- At first, certainly, is the sun and the sea. In course of time a lot of acquaintances appeared in Feodosia. For a person any city is not only the set of architectural structures and some impressions which it can give. To understand a city, you needed to know its people, otherwise you will not be able to say that you know a city. I'm lucky, I had met with the whole layer of young people living here. Then they were for 20 years old. Now they are 30 years old and they began to realize and occupy some places in the structure of this town, in administration, to participate in life of Feodosia.

- Are there favourite places which you always visit? Did they change also?

- I cannot say that there are special places which I select. I like the whole town, to visit it not in the season time, because then it acquires the face of very old, very comfortable toen not only for rest but also for life. A lot of changes happened on the whole. I love the Fox bay very much. First I visited it in 1991. It was a place, where Moscow and St.Petersburg intelligentsia arrived, fully to dissolve in nature. For the last 17 years it lacks nature. And as any popular place turning into the place of a party, but not rest, it purchased the colour. Even in that kind in which it exists now, it is not so bad. But it must have some civilized scopes.

- You travel a lot and you have places to compare the Crimea with. How does the Crimea look comparing with other resort places, where you have been?

- I can't say that I traveled very much, but, nevertheless, I was lucky enough to visit Asia, East, Europe. The only place where I remembered the Crimea continuously is Greek islands. It is an ideal and the Crimea must aim to it. There is feeling, that an owner has guests, and in Feodosia there is no such feeling, even vice versa: as if an owner went out, left you and hung up the heap of prohibitions, and waits, when these invaders will go away and he will remain alone.

- Do you want to live in the Crimea, if yes, where and why?

- I think that I will live in the Crimea. But only then when I want more rest and naturalness. Now, certainly, it is difficult to imagine. I perfectly understand the problem of young people in the Crimea, because there are very small amount of interesting structures where it is possible to work. But if you are young and got used to live in quick rhythm, the local one seems very slow to you. The older you become, the more you pay attention on the place not in sociume, but in the world. I know many people which would like to finish in such place, as Feodosia.