Summer Flamingo

I like to visit this establishment. Firstly, it is located in the center of the city, and secondly, Flamingo - it is almosta the guarantee of quality. Thats why, every time going to visit the cafes and restaurants, the road somehow takes me to the summer ground of the cafe at Silpo. The most of all I like the furniture of a hall, but till the weather is fine and warm like in the summer, it is pleasant to sit in the open air. There is so pleasant here: flowers, artificial cascade murmurs, the glamorous ladies smoke slim cigarettes, drinking coffee. It is almost like in Paris
I decided to join the pleasant ladies and looke through a menu. It pleased me as always: it is enough to say that the assortment of courses is quite vast, but not beyond th measure. And only the availability of fua-gra (140 grivnyas for portion) and French Chabli (for 450 grivnyas for a bottle) raises my eastimation to a very high standard. I should say that admirers of the traditional courses can find here such usual appetizers and first courses as chop cooked in a Kiev manner, solyanka, chicken broth in the menu. And as for gourmets they can also taste such excellent courses as gaspachcho or soup with mussels and Parmesan. To everybodys delight the menu represents the photoes of the courses design so, I could say that photoes correspond the served meal.
I will note an availability of warm salads in the menu. The salad with a liver and blackberry, the revolved bar with appetizing desserts, which look more than remarkably, should be mentioned separately.
Furniture on the summer ground is stylish, covers are served on serviettes, music at the bar is muffled to the exactly that volume, that allows you to talk with a neighbour without shouting one another down. It creates a pleasant background for conversation.
But as you know, straight after the compliments I inevitably begin to enumerate the minuses. Because they always are! Thats why the advertising of vodka Nemiroff on a sleeve of the attending waiter irritated the eyes. Its size was about 60 centimetres, impossible to notice (you shouldnt forget about our preference to the advertising). Waiters service was not slowly, but with some kind of laziness. The covers by themselves are unsightly: an appetizer was served on a cheap plate, goblets were made of a thick glass (but as for the white wine, it was served cooled to the necessary degrees). In the presense of (If there are the) brandname serviettes and delicate French courses, where are the vinegar and olive oil on a table? As you know the fua-gra imposes a high responsibility! But not this time, I was served the champignons stuffed with chicken filet and cheese. As for decorative design of the courses it was worse as should be. But a high class is achieved exactly owing to the little things. Some sauce and twig of mint on the plate could save the situation. Believe me, there is a difference between the ladies who wears a high-heeled and low-heeled shoes.
The cafe is expensive. A price of the salads varies from 20 to 60 grivnyas, first courses - from 40 to 180 grivnyas, strong drinks are with an impressive extra charge. To my mind, some courses are more expensive that should be, especially, because of lack of refinement in the taste and service of courses here.
Finally, to my surprise I want to note the poor choice of Crimean Wiens here. But this negligence was compensated by the good assortment of Georgian ones.

My estimation on 5 point scale:
Interior - 4
Menu - 5
Quality of the courses - 4
Work of waiters - 4
Price/quality 4
The total estimation is 21, and this is the quite good one.

I recommend you to visit this establishment with a lady! But you should be ready to spend 250-300 grivnyas for such supper , - and it is only provided a lady remembers about her figure and will not order a portion of flounder. There is not any percent for service here and you will not be overcharged.