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The resort season of 2008 is declared to be closed

Last Wednesday the workers of the executive committee named the best on their opinion enterprises, related to recreation and tourist activity in the town.

Present on the ceremony of the The Feodosia talisman 2008 the Crimean minister of resorts and tourism Vladimir Savelyev marked that some of these enterprises would be marked at Republican level. The results of competition were traditionally announced under ringing of glasses.

The Feodosia talisman 2008 is conducted in the cafe Gold Fleece the third time. In beginning acting as mayor of Feodosia Tat'yana Grishina said few words:

- There are a lot of people from different industries: cultures, medicines, trade those, who directly took part in that the summer passed the more beautiful and better. We sum up totals. And we see that most industries worked well and remarkably.

Then T. Grishina praised the president of Ukraine for that he had designated the present year as a year of tourism.

- The president declared this year to be the year of tourism, because tourism is the beginning of correct way of life, healthy way of life, - Tat'yana Vasiliyevna told. Tourism and healthy way of life are indivisible concepts. Let us live beautifully!

And the first vice-chairman Council of ministers of Crimea Evgeniy Mikhaylov expressed opinion, that must the leadthrough of resort season mix neither a politician nor some other extraneous talks. According to his the opinion, one time a competition has nominanty, a present season means not such and bad.

The minister of resorts and tourism of the Crimea Vladimir Savel'ev said a few words:

- I want to open a small secret: in two days we will celebrate the national holiday Day of tourism and on handing in Yalta The Crimean Pearl there will be a lot of laureates from your wonderful city. So, the opinion of the Crimea and opinion of Feodosia coincided. The indexes of the economy growing for nine months exceeded 140% comparing to the last year in our town. Honour and praise to you!

After rewarding of all participating, before the fireworks Tatyana Grishina laconically, but emotionally declared:

- Thereon the resort season-2008 is declared to be closed!