Maksim Leonidov dreams to see the Crimea

On passing in Koktebel festival MAMAKABO-2008 the singer Maksim Leonidov told journalists, that he often came to the Crimea. However he saw Crimean beauties only on pictures and on TV.


In Koktebel at an entrance in jazz-cafe Bohemia our correspondent heard the talk of two persons. A young man stood in doors and accepted an entrance pay. That evening Max Leonidov palyed in the cafe. The woman of thirty walked up to him and asked:

- That is here today?

- Secret, - the boy answered.

- So, it is everywhere written on playbills, that Maksim Leonidov played, - a lady said angrilly and moved away.

And everyone, expecting for the beginning of concert, marked that once loud popularity of group Secret was leaving. However much admirers didn't forget the participant of this collective M. Leonidov.

On the large concert ground of the festival Maksim Leonidov played new and old songs which public accepted gladly. Barely catching the acquainted melodies, people caught them and sang together with the singer.

Searching for a guide

In conversation with the journalists M. Leonidov confessed that he had always liked public of resort cities.

- People are on rest, they are not burdened with home problems, therefore they are more opened for music, - he said. In the Crimea it is wonderful to play. It is sea, sun and fragrant air. And peole say that in the Crimea there are amazing beautiful places, but I, unfortunately, did not see them.

On a question that prevented him to admire the Crimea, Max Leonidov answered shortly: Work. And then added:

- I very want to look every corner of the Crimea. To arrive here with family on a month and to wander everywhere. But I do not like to do it alone. To know about any locality, a giude is needed. I value good tour guides, inspiredly telling about history, nature. I trust that I will find a guide, and my dream to see the Crimea will come true.