отдых в Крыму

«I take care of health of already the third generation of the settlement»

This year on July, 30 the medical assistant of the settlement Vinogradnoe Eugen Bezrukov celebrated 70th jubilee. During 38 years he works in medical point.

E. Bezrukov says that in medicine he got by chance, but exactly this profession became sense of his life. During hi work in Vinogradnoe two generations have already brought up, and the third one is bringing up now.

Indicative finger

Eugen Bezrukov was born in a village on Ural in family of collective farmers, which breeded three sons and two daughters. At school E. Bezrukov studied not bad, and teachers recommended him to continue studies. However able the graduating student didn't choose the profession in time and went to the rows of Military powers of the USSR. From 1959 to 1961 Evgeniy was in engeneer-building troops. When the term of service was ending, Eugen Fadeevich decided to enter educational establishment, but had difficulty with choice.

- I took the reference book for university entrants and began to look over the list of educational establishments of the Permskaya area, - he remembers. – Practically at once I opened a page with information about medical college. I looked through the whole list, but something irrepressible drew me to read exactly about this educational establishment. As though an indicative finger above specially accented my attention on medical college.

He said that entering medical college was a very serious step, therefore he persuaded the command of military part to give him a vacation for passing preliminary examinations. E. Bezrukov got the passing score, so he retired in a supply as the student of medical college. He sank into studies, and after the successfully passed first session realized that medicine was his calling. At first Eugen studied on a daily separation, and then because of family circumstances move to an evening one. He had to work, because he couln't keep his family only on grants.

First experience

His aunt lived in Yalta. So he asked her to fing him suitable job in the Crimea.

- I was finishing my studies and a place in the medical assistant's point of the Nizhnegorsky district was already found for me, - he told. - In 1967 I with family moved to the village Izoblinoe and started working. More than three thousand persons lived only in the village and plus farms. Someone felt unwell constantly, and people knocked in my door 24\7. The point is that medical assistant, which worked to me, fell ill. And I had to work for two. However this practice allowed me to get wonderful experience, that is especially valuable for a young medical staff. Exactly there I learned to diagnose diseases quickly and exactly.