Arthur Ayvazyan: I had some mad confidence in myself

Victory of the Crimean shooter Arthur Ayvazyan on the Olympic Games in Beijing became the special event for the Ukrainian fans. Everyone waited, hoped, and here the long-awaited gold. Now not only the Crimeans but also the entire country are proud of Arthur Ayvazyan.

Arthur Ayvazyan says that to go to the Olympic Games after a medal is foolish and too self-confident:

The medal is a hand of fate. Certainly, it is necessary to prepare from the last forces, that weapon and cartridges were neat, trainings went according to plan. In Sidney in 2000 I became the fifth. Reached the final, but I failed to get the medal, in Athens I was the seventh. Then not only emotions, agitation, very large desire to conquer a medal prevented, but there were some blanks, something was incomplete or there was not enough experience. This time I was in an ideal form and worked, as necessary, I had no claims to myself.

Before the Olympiac Games the shooter read a lot of books on psychology, meditation and yoga.

It is important to survive psychologically, because technically everybody, who arrives to the Olympic Games do not yield to each other, he tells. But the one, who copes with himself, has far more chances on victory then others. The Olympic Games are more show, foremost, pleasure for fans. And the more attention you have, the more you are distracted anymore, it is therefore necessary it was to disengage oneself. I went along with a motto: Be in yourself, be able here and now.

Arthur Ayvazyan notices that a sportsman should understand that it is necessary to do now. And you should try to do every shot identically, correctly, exactly, without vibrations, emotional flights and falling.

The basic firing was far difficult for me, than final one, although it is usually vice versa. I had some mad confidence in myself plus two points left. In firing lying it is enough decently. It gave me confidence in myself, the idea, that there is no reason to give victory. I gave myself setting to try not to show something supernatural or maximum, but do reliably middle, the sportsman talks. When the process of firing began, I executed every shot separately, technically correct, as a separate history, that is ten shots ten separate approaches, ten separate histories, ten separate works. And after the last shot I asked myself aquestion: "And what?" And answered: "That is all". The first thing, that came to my mind: " Is it really so simple?" But when you remember the last 6 months, you realize that all actions, you did during this time, were for the sake of one day.

It is possible to break and the peak of form would go down, therefore I simply supported it, in order not to miss the feeling, Arthur Ayvazyan says. In the sport firing there is such concept, as firing on feelings: if you work simply to get in "ten" you'll fail, and I mustn't lose these feelings, but support them. Before the last collection in Poland I had some rest, did nothing, did not touch a rifle. I had to weaken somehow in order to work well then, and it helped. There were few trainings in Beijing, and on the last I felt that it was difficult for me to get in nine. That is, however I shot I got ten. From 70 shots I had only one nine on my error. Now to shoot at world level that is the most important thing for me now. I can leave now, when I'm in my best form, but why, and what do farther, if you enjoy such life?