отдых в Крыму

Voloshin prize was handed

Last Thursday in Koktebel Maximilian Voloshin prize was handed. In the nomination «Brega of Tavrida» Simferopol poet Andrey Polyakov was awarded, and Kharkov poetess Irene Evsa got the special prize. The official ceremony of rewarding finished with creative evening.


On September, 9-14 the Sixth International literary Voloshin competition, on which first the International literary Voloshin prize was given passed in Koktebel. The ceremony of awarding took place on September, 11 on the villa BASSO in presence of writers writing in Russian. Among them there were winners of the International literary Voloshin competitions of the last years. Ten poets from Ukraine and Russia applied fot the prize.

The first laureate of Voloshin prize became Simferopol poet Andrey Polyakov. He accepted the reward. The magazine «Flag» got the diploma for the correct choice. It gave documents on Andrey Polyakov for consideration of organizational committee. Kharkov poetess Irene Evsa was awarded with prize and bonus in size of 15 thousand Ru from Union of writers of Russia.


After the official ceremony of rewarding Andrey Polyakov and poetess Irene Evsa read the verses. Public with enthusiasm cheered the poets.

- You can not applaud after every poem, it is not obligatory, - offered Irene Evsa. – And it turns out as if we are on the concert of pop-stars.

However much the thankful admirers of poetry continued to reward poets with applauses after every poem.

The culmination of evening was jazz: musicians Victor Livshic, Andrey Arnautov and Vladimir Solyanik congratulated writers with the jazz program.