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Recalling to the written

During two years I wrote on these pages about delicious, and sometimes not, food. These two years didnt pass without leaving a trace for me: regularly feeding in the cafes and restaurants, I gained five kilograms and wide experience. I think, there is no any person now, who knows the places, where you can eat well with enjoy and establishments that would be better to avoid, better than I in Simferopol. And now there is the time for analysis. Lets do it right now.

So, reader, what if you are going to take supper in a cafe or restaurant? Just suddenly. As it happens sometimes.

There is a lot of people who almost every second day visit the restaurants. However, I suppose, such persons dont read newspapers, but only look through the pictures in glossy magazines. But our conversation isnt about them. Sooner or later every person decides to visit a cafe for some or other reason. For example, a date with a girl, to talk with the friends or celebrate the anniversary.

What place to choose? Below I offer the list of the establishments that you can visit witout any fear:

Begamotobar (Gorky street)
Gourmet (Pushkin street)
Alekso (near the puppet theatre)
Buffalo Bill (Pushkin street)
Off bar (Proletarian street)
Atrium Caesar (Kuybyshev street)
Valencia (behind the supermarket Silpo)
Gostinnyi dvor (Sevastopolskaya street)
Illyuzion (Franco avenue)
Knyajya vtikha (in the park, next to MKS)
Madres (the square of Svoboda / the square of Freedom)
Nostalgia (Kievskaya street)
Silver age (Gogol street)
Admiral Dreyk (Franco avenue)
Merry knight (Sevastopolskaya street)
Gallery of tea and coffee (Shmidt street)
Hetman (Kirov avenue)
Credo (Decabrists street)
Prague (Tureckaya street)
Celts force (Pushkin street)
Ulf the Axe (Marks street)
Dzhambo (Trenevs park)
Drujba (Friendship) (Tolstogo street)
La roshel (Sergeev-Censky street)
Na melnice (Lenin avenue)
Paparacci (Gogol street)
Pelican (Luxemburg street)
Pestana Angra (Kirov avenue)
Premier (Decabrists street)
Prime League (the department store Palas)
Scythian (Kuybyshev street, in the child's park)
Flamingo (next to the supermarket Silpo)

Actually, the list could be wider. Besides that, the experience teaches us, that it is possible to visit the new establishments without any fear: the chef and waiters try their best. But not long after (in the half of cases) courses becomes more common and service is worse. It is like a marriage: a year passes, and a wife begins to wear the hair-rollers, and a husband trousers stretched on the knees, and mood has been already different.

The next week we will talk how to behave in a cafe, that an evening was not spoiled.