отдых в Крыму

Ivan Gubkov: «...and catch will be good...»

Ivan Gubkov is the hereditary fisherman. The brigadier of fish plant «Wave of revolution» was born on June, 13. «If I was born on July, 13, got on The day of fisherman, it's jackpot at once», - he laughs. Ivan Ilyich told to «Kafa» about the features of the profession and some traditions.

- You are the hereditary fisherman. People say that everybody are relatives at the fish plant?

- Only a half. On a maternal line. Medvedevs and Gubkovs. They were, when the fish plant was organized, in 30-s. My father here (at the fish plant «Wave of revolution») worked as a brigadier the whole life. With him I first went out in the sea. I was 10-12 years old, I helped to row, to heave up a net. I've been here for already 37 years, and in general 44 years in the sea. I worked as a fisherman in Sevastopol and Kerch. And then returned to Feodosia and began to work at the fish plant, at first as a sailor, then as a captain, and after that as a brigadier.

- Did you want to become a fisherman, as your father?

- I did not want to follow my father, and I thought simply to be a seaman, simply to walk to the sea. I knew, what is fishing labour, it is hard work, as the saying goes, a fisherman is a fisherman. I went to study to Sevastopol, then to the Kerch technical fish-farming, but the genes. They influenced everything

- What qualities must a fisherman have?

- A fisherman must be bold, kind. You know, the most important that is inside a person is kindness. When one says that beauty will rescue the world, I think, beauty is not beauty, but than the more there are kind people, the better we will live, the less there will be problems. I consider that kindness to be the greatest quality. Certainly, a seaman must be volitional, brave. Well and friendly, an elbow must be felt.

- How does your work influnce your health? It is heavy.

- Well, we are lucky comparing to miners (laughs), marine clean air, certainly, gives force and energy.

- Do young people come?

- Few, but com. How many will you find young people that don't drink, take drugs – without bad habits? In my brigade there are two yuong boys: Timothy and Dima. And these fellows work in our rather hard system. I think, they simply have normal families.