George Makarov brought an exhibition and short films to the city

Last week Simferopol citizens could see the unusual exhibition of caricatures in the Dybenko's public garden. About 100 works of nine leading Ukrainian cartoonists, among them George Kosobukin, Alex Kustovskiy, Vasiliy Voznyuk etc, were presented.

According to the known journalist, chief-editor of the magazine Ukrainian week George Makarov, the exhibition took place within the framework of festival of magazine of Ukrainian week, passing more than in forty cities of Ukraine.

From the this spring we try to arrive with cultural actions on those areas and grounds, where nobody works except us. In Simferopol we offer the exhibition of caricatures in the open air from collection of Ukrainian week and Evening of short films of the Ukrainian cinema. We have rather popular film festival Youth. It is already about 30 years old. From 1992 he is done by the same command which is headed by Andrey Khalpakhchi. This year he with the command of Youth founded Ukrainian cinemafoundation, tells George Makarov. On the last Kann festival exactly this foundation organized the evening of the Ukrainian cinema. Three short cinemas were among them. In fact, these are debut works, taken off in the most different genres. It is the spectacle for gourmets. It is a product which has stable audience in more or less developed countries. I suppose that in any town there are five-ten percents of people ready to consume such difficult, not always perfect product, because its creator are young people. Concermning caricature, George Makarov marks that in Ukraine quite shocking school of artists-cartoonists exists. - These are people who are known all over the world in this area. Shockingly witty, talented, with unbelievable charisma. In each issue we publish caricatures. I can not explain, why it is not present in other editions, because artists are shocking, and their pictures are fantastic, the journalist adds.