Pork gaspachcho

I have already had to describe such establishments of the so-called budget category. And I had even to read some reviews, which topic was - why does Soloukhina visit different dining-rooms? The answer is simple: I visit the different places and mainly prefer the establishments with the service, including the waiters. But by nature I am very adventurous and curious person. And sometimes these qualities dont give me the chance to avoid an establishment which standard is not so high. And sometimes I just find myself in some places by chance. Nevertheless I consider that I should tell about all visited establishments.

And for this time I found myself in a cafe-bar with the romantic name Village fence by chance. Just passing by, I decided to have a rest at a table under the shadow of pine-trees.
Outwardly Village fence looks very common, it is just the ordinary small bar with a summer ground located in a green territory near the route in the Kiev street. But the lawns and flowerbeds, located on the ground, look very well-groomed. The another thing, that I noted, was a sand-box and child's cottage, located next to the ground and tables under a shed. There is something like playgrounds for children, that are traditionally set in large supermarkets, while their parents are busy with shopping. But I didnt notice any children here.

I was brought a menu, and began to look it through, not expecting, however, to see anything unusual. The standard assortment of similar establishments is familiar to me. The menu is not so vast: 12 names of salads which price varies from 8 to 12 grivnyas for portion. Salads are standard: Oliv'e, Capital, Greek and other. I was not so hungry as curious thats why I ordered the Greek salad. The choice of the first courses in the menu is better. There is about 16 names of meat and poultry courses that price varies from 11 to 14 grivnyas for portion. And certainly, such establishment cant do without a shashlick, there is seven kinds of it in the menu at price 20 grivnyas for 100 grammes, not taking into account meat that it has been cooked.

But as for the choice of fish in the menu, it is quite poor here, there is only three names at price from 9 to 12 grivnyas for portion. A course under the high-sounding name Old salt (12 grivnyas) made me smile. It sounds beautiful, but tasting the course, it turned out that it is an ordinary pilengas fried with tomatoes.

Looking trough the list of the first courses, suddenly my attention was attracted by the course with the uncommon name Gaspachcho (14 grivnyas). I was surprised at first, but then I was bursting with suppressed laughter: in fact gaspachcho is a Spanish cold soup made of tomatoes. Not now! The authors of the menu in Village fence have a very rich imagination! For them gaspachcho is a pork chop fried in the potato chips. I nearly choked down with a wine, suppressing a laugh. By the way, a red wine was served of correct temperature, but, traditionally, in the glass for a white one. Well, there is not any difference for them, what can I do.

In other respects, there were not also any surprises for me the Greek salad was so finely cut, that it could be taken for paste made of vegetables and brynza.

Mark on 5 point scale:

Interior - 2
Choice of the courses and drinks - 3
Taste qualities of the courses - 3
Service - 2
Price - 3.
Total: only 13 marks from the 25 possible, and it is a low estimation.

The ordinary wayside establishment. If you are an adventurer and prefer the shashlicks in the open air near a route, nothing can shock you in Village fence.