отдых в Крыму

One wants to restore the Yunge hill in Koktebel

On the Koktebel bay on the hill there is the blasted burial vault of founder of settlement Edward Yunge. The organizing committee declared a competition on the best project on restoration of this hill.

Last week in Koktebel the first meeting of the organizational committee on restoration of Yunge hill took place. Ith was destroyed in the years of Great Patriotic war. The organizational committee consists of the architects of Feodosia, members of Koktebel settlememt council, Koktebel German cultural center «Deutschclub «Gemainschaft», public and production formations of settlement and department of aksiology of Russian philosophical society of the Russian academy of sciences.

The member of the organizational committee Peter Ovcharenko reported to «Kafa» that the building of family burial vault of Yunge family would be made according to the project that won in the competition.

- The purpose of the competition is to find the best project decisions for restoration of hill with remains of graves of Yunge family, and also to memorize the founder of resort Koktebel professor Edward Yunge, - P. Ovcharenko explained. – Any architect, artist or creative association can participate in the competition. Requests on participation are accepted till September, 19, 2008. The control meeting of participants and receipt of basic data will take place on September, 23 in Feodosia at Galereynaya St.,21.

He added that the winners of the competition wpould get bonuses: the first place is 5 thousands Uah.; the second place is 3 thousands Uah.; the third place is 1,5 thousands Uah. All competitive projects will be exsibited in the hall of Koktebel council for the study of public opinion which will be taken into account while summing up.

Requests are excepted by phone 8(06562) 93-623 or on e-mail: p.f.ovcharenko@deproekt.com