отдых в Крыму

The street won't get its old name

On the last session of the Feodosian city council the historical name Kazanskaya was not returned to Charles Marks St. Deputies counted up, that during the economic crisis they should economize money on tablets and re-registration of documents.

Officials remind meantime, that for habitants re-registration of documents was free of charge. Generally in Feodosia from times of independence of Ukraine about one and a half ten of streets changed their names.

The deputies of the Feodosian city council renounced to return to Charles Marks St. the pre-revolution name – Kazanskaya. They explained that they were against the changing of the name «because of economic difficulties and in connection with the expenses of population on re-registration of documents».

– Because of the financial crisis we decided to take off this question, – the mayor of Feodosia Alexander Bartenev noticed, saying, what deputies made the decision during the seminar before the session.

Later the chief of Management of culture Tamara Steblyuk reported to «Kafa», that actually the population would bear no expenses, because the habitants of street can live with the old documents until they not may need in connection with some other changes.

– Thus and militia, and the Bureau of the technical inventarization do it all free of charge, – noticed T. Steblyuk. – I explained it to the deputies, but the session made the decision just like this, can be because now deputies have more vital questions. Now we will go back to this question next year.

Tamara Alexander told that it was first suggested to return the old name a street in 2000. Since the names were changed by about one and a half ten of streets, greater part from which is disposed in old part of city.