отдых в Крыму

My son or student will become an olympic champion

Nugzar Mesablishvili became the bronze prizewinner of world Cup on judo in the personal championship and helped the combined team of Ukraine to take the third place. From 1985 he arrived to Feodosiyu on sporting collections, traditionally passing on sportkomplekse «Dynamos». In 2007 N. Mesablishvili moved here into permanent place of inhabitation, collected the group of boys which free of charge trains on «Dynamo».

Rodom from Georgia

Nugzar Mesablishvili borned on June, 12, 1964 in town Akhmeta in Georgia in family of librarian and builder. He was the unique son and third on an account child for parents, educating four children.

- To go in for sports I began very lately – in 15 years, - a sportsman remembers. – My colleagues banter on the combined team: began lately – will complete lately. Many my persons of the same the age abandoned large sport already a long ago, and I continue actively to come forward for a country and still occupy prize places. My first trainer was Guguli Abramishuli, which educated many deserving judoists, including olympic champion of 2004 in Athens of Zuraba Zviadauri.
In 1981 N. Mesablishvili became the champion of city, bronze prizewinner of championship on championship of Georgia among juniors, finished middle school and entered Tbilisi PTU-38, continuing to practice already in the combined team of Georgia. From 1982 to 1984 Nugzar Revazovich worked a locksmith-toolmaker at the Tbilisi aviation plant ¹31 and became the sixfold champion of Georgia in three styles: judo, sambo and gidaoba (Georgian national fight, - prim. red.).

- I dreamed to become a lawyer and olympic champion, therefore persistently went to this purpose, - Nugzar Mesablishvili said. – In 1984 I was called in an army and sent to serve in the aviation regiment of Mogilev-podol'ska of the Winnitca area. There I satisfied the command of military part of necessity to continue trainings, and it was gone me on meeting, giving possibility three times per a week to practice in the sporting hall of medical school. In a year translate me to Winnitca and included in the combined team of Ukraine. In 1985 I became the champion of Ukraine.

Olympiad and obstacles
In 1985 N. Mesablishvili defended honour of the Ukrainian republic on Spartikiade of people of the USSR where took the third place. In December of that year on championship of Soviet Union he presented Ukraine and became the champion of the USSR. In 1986 he was translated to Kiev and included in the group of «A» sportroty.

- Becoming the already acknowledged judoist, I did not renounce from a dream to become a lawyer, therefore from 1987 to 1988 worked in the militia of city Cherry the Kievan area, - Nugzar Revazovich told. – After an army I worked, studied and practiced. To get higher education, I entered Academy of Ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine and successfully finished it in 1992, and further worked in the organs of MVD of Ukraine and came forward for the combined team of Ukraine on judo and sambo. There was one step to execution of my dream – to become an olympic champion. Olympic games are solid contests to which it is necessary in earnest to prepare. And I got a chance on behalf of Ukraine to come forward on Olympic Games of 1996 in Atlanta, USA.

For the sake of participating in Olympiad the captain of militia Nugzar Mesablishvili wrote a report about a discharge from law enforcement authorities and completely gave oneself up trainings. It was difficult, because Ukrainian sport experienced the not best times, the slump of financing was felt.

- I felt taste of victory already, because was ready, as never, but there was an unforeseen obstacle, - N remembers with bitter taste. Mesablishvili. – the Ukrainian federation on judo tested financial difficulties and not able to purchase a license to participating in Olympiad. However much this circumstance knocked out me from a saddle, I did not go away from large sport, did not abandon the combined team in difficult time.

Combined team of Ukraine
Almost devoted the fourth of age of Nugzar Revazovich the combined team of Ukraine on judo, which is now trained by Sergey Dubrova.

- The most pleasant for a sportsman is a boast of victory: going out one on one with a competitor, I am adjusted always only on victory, - Nugzar Mesablishvili underlined. – the most pleasant for a sportsman is to walk up the higher step of pedestal and hear the hymn of the country, in my case – Ukraine. A fate bossed so, that I did not have time to become an olympic champion – let this happiness be reached my sons or students. I trust that my son or student will become an olympic champion necessarily.

N. Mesablishvili passed to the first team of the veteran combined team of judoists of Ukraine and successfully comes forward on international competitions. Three times the Ukrainian sportsman brought victory the country on world cups among veterans on judo: 2003 year in Tokyo, Japan; 2005 year – Turs, France; 2007 a year is San Paulo, Brazil. In 2004 he became the champion of Evropy among veterans, in 2008 – by the silver prizewinner of championship of Evropy (Brussels, Belgium).
Last week Nugzar Revazovich became the bronze prizewinner of world cup (Zindelfingen, Germany).

In 2004 at support of head coach of the combined team of Ukraine Sergey Dubrova a sportsman founded championship of Ukraine among veterans on the cup of Nugzara Mesablishvili.

- All of the veteran meetings, contests and motion on the whole is on samofinansirovanie, in the combined team countries enter for three sportsmen from Crimea, Kievan, Kharkov, Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk areas, - he explained. – On the competitions of allukrainian level I present Feodosiyu.

Feodosiya and family
A sportsman confessed that the most important for him in life – it a favourite city Feodosiya and family is two sons and spouse Nino.

- Annual sporting collections of the combined team on judo passed on sportbaze «Dynamo» in Feodosii, - a sportsman said. – I so came to love this city, that always missed on him on strange land. When the hymn of Ukraine played in honour my victory on next championship, I remembered the streets of Feodosii, sea and townspeople. Feodosiytsy – very kind and responsive, they remind me people in Georgia. All of it helped me to conquer medals and cups. In 2005 I finished Kievan University of physical culture and sport, getting the diploma of trenera-prepodovatelya on judo, and in 2007 made a decision to settle in Feodosii.

Nino Mesablishvili by birth from a city Akhmeta. It lived next door to the parents of the known sportsman. In one of his arrivals on a motherland 17 years back N. Mesablishvili confessed to it in love and did suggestion.

- It believed in me, in my possibilities, and in every way supported me, - Nugzar Revazovich marked. – there are its merits In all of my victories, because I conquered medals and cups not only, and and Nino, proving it, that it did not make a mistake in the choice. It gave a present me two wonderful sons. This year our senior 16-years-old a son Teymuraz finishes school and plans to enter legal. He, as well as I, dreams to become an olympic champion and lawyer.
Teymuraz Mesablishvili already twice became the bronze prizewinner of championship of Ukraine on judo, and his cadet – 12-years-old Rezo is a champion of Ukraine on judo among the juniors of 2008.

Three years back in Feodosii Nugzar Mesablishvili collected the group of boys which free of charge trains on sportbaze «Dynamo».

- With Kiev it is while impossible to part for keeping, because any my journey on tournaments, championships of Europe and world starts from the capital, - N specified. Mesablishvili. - All decides and takes a place there: selection, forming of command and others like that. Family while lives in two cities – Kiev and Feodosii, because the eldest son finished school and enters institute of higher. For me grandiose plans are in Feodosii. I want, that this year my pupils came forward on championship of Crimea. These will be their first serious competitions, because they while came forward only at city level.