Paraplanerist: Flights are my way of life

The mountain of Klementev is famous with the flying schools. Kafa met with one of paraplanerists, the poet and musician, champion of cup Koktebel 2006 Sergey Makushenko.

Sergey by birth from the Crooked Horn, on Klement'eva he accomplished the first flight in 2001, since so remained to live in Crimea.

- How for you did traction appear to flights?
- There is such concept, as by sky baptized, it, probably, most right answer on this question. And in general, I from youth went in for parachute sports. In 1992 first made an attempt start to the fly on paraplane. It was on my motherland in the Crooked Horn.

- Tell about history of the first flight.
- At one time I went away with a backpack in the Crimean mountains, then became acquainted with the mountain of Klement'eva. It a place is very known, about him friends told me. As I talked already, my first flight on paraplane had taken a place for me on a motherland. But after eight years I accomplished flight on Klement'eva and it the completely other counting out already. For me the first flight that which was accomplished in Crimea. It was in 2001. And since then I so live in Feodosii. Here my favourite work and fascination. And flights are my way of life.

- Is there a lot of clubs on a mountain, are there some distinctions between them?
- There are clubs of hang-gliding on Klement'eva, paraplanernizma, gliding. There are arrive clubs, which mainly arrive only on a summer from Moscow, Kiev, Kharkov and other cities. Between them there are differences in approach, teaching. In few words will not tell it.

- How do clubs work?
- Each has the school which they work on. Me for one, my club is named Bratelos Club. On a mountain I am named by Bratelo, from here and the name. But it is flights not only. Although the great great number of the most interesting people became friends exactly due to flights brothers on a humour and on life. Except for flying days there are flying evenings. And it always healthily! Especially for those, who loves music.
We have healthy intercourse. Sport disciplines. In particular, such sport, when a man is in a position to tear away feet from earth. Although we can itself allow to be weakened, unlike sprinters or bicyclists.

- Paraplanerizm sounds so romantically. Is this fascination how reflected in your creation?
- Yes. One is winnowed other. I agree with that sounds romantically. It actually very beautifully. My creation is songs and music, it is devoted flights. And there is a lot of such people among paraplaneristov, which besides flights carry with other by things. Now in Moscow did collection of paraplanernykh songs. My compositions entered in him.

- What for you rest?
- In winter, as a rule, sit down. With a flying weather drives not always. But when possibility to drive out and fly appears. It gives a good charge. you return from a mountain on such getting up! Probably, real rest on wing.

- But as fear of height, about which it is spoken so much?
- In respect of dread of height, for example I am afraid of it. Feeling of height, when people lazayut on walls or fly very different. When attachment is to earth, when you on something stand and can fall down is one business. If attachment with earth is not present, feeling other. I somehow in the Crooked Horn went to work on a height, decided to engage in the industrial mountaineering. For thought some reason, that fly one time, it will be not terrible. And to the surprise, understood that feel on a height, put it mildly not comfort. So dread of height is a chip relative. And if a desire to fly appears first, being afraid is not necessary. In sky nothing in common with fear of height on earth does not test. It is sometimes necessary to take for a ride people and usually those which were afraid talk then, that not nearly terrible.

- And does dream you at nights, that you fly?
- It is not now, and before worldly-wise. It is, what not in one's the dreams fly at nights. In a full moon, when blows south wind. But rarely is so that visibility was good and wind suitable.

- Are there the memorized flights?
- We fly in dynamic flight, and there are sporting rout flights on distant distances. Rout flights are all of good remember: how many collected heights, above what mountains flew.
Somehow I collected a maximal height 2880 meters above a level exterminating this was my record. And business took a place in summer. I am under the edge of cloud, hands froze highly all the same, there more cool. And remembered that did not take a glove. Just in case decided to check, can, they in a pendant. I am exactly! Got, try to put on them. To it was busy at workings now and then, and when got gloves, it became clear me, that I can drop them and will not find them anymore never. So terrible it became me, all had compressed. Felt defenceless, let us put on these gloves.
Here such flashback emerged.