отдых в Крыму

In Feodosia two new public gardens will appear

The deputies of the Feodosian city council approved the selection of 100 thousands Uah on laying out of two public gardens.

These money remained from a fine, which was paid by the proprietors of ship, uniting ballast waters in the aquatorium of the Feodosiyskogo bay. Osen'yu one public garden will be broken up on Shuttles, second – near the factory of toys.

On the past session of the Feodosiyskogo city council deputies approved a selection 100 thousands of Uah on laying out of two public gardens. Possibility to select a money appeared due to a fine (hardly more than 1 million Uah), to entering budget for weathering of ballast waters in the aquatorium of the Feodosiyskogo bay.

- Part of money was pointed at development of project of collector of cleansing buildings, part – on vodoponizhenie of Near Reeds, but there are 100 thousands, - the deputy of the Feodosiyskogo city council Dmitry Achkasov explained «Cafe». – And we had planning a long ago: to break up new public gardens exactly.

According to a deputy, during the choice of territories under public gardens followed to a few by principles: lot land must be more or less considerable, he must be in districts, not overcame equipping with modern amenities, as for example, Shuttles and, in itself, earth must be nobody to it selected.

- We found two such the area: on Shuttles (2,7 thousands of m2 – prim. red.) and opposite the factory of toys (2,2 thousands of m2), but if townspeople have ideas yet, they can report about them, - a deputy noticed.

He told that with laying out of public gardens there are complications. On a legislation from an ecological fund it is possible to finance a purchase and landing of trees only, but in any way not smoothing and delivery of soil, building of paths or poliv. Pereorientirovat' these money it is also impossible.

- The chosen places under public gardens are not adjusted, although on a soviet general layout on Shuttles there a lawn was planned just and, - D specified. Achkasov. – they are not adjusted because earth is not fertile and areas uneven. But there was the mutual understanding and support: a firm «Cantilever» absolutely free of charge from a next object began to convey soil. Although for them it expense, they however went to meet to the city.

Landing of nursery transplants – sycamores, chestnuts, katal'py – plan on an autumn.

- Clearly, that eventual chic kind will not turn out at once, because the that Komsomol park was broken up in 50th, and only today we see him a park-public garden, - Dmitry Vladimir warned. – If we will plant nursery transplants now, at the best in 10-20 years, if «valorous» feodosiytsy they will not be broken in two, these public gardens will show up.

- It is often, that trees land, and to see then there is nobody to them, - the journalist of «Kafy» reminded.

- Therefore to land we will be in autumn, - D explained. Achkasov. – the best landing in default of care is a rainy autumn. It is a minimum care and minimization of any investments. For an example: now on Shuttles trees began to grow, because they were landed in autumn, and seated twice to it, and twice in spring – trees did not survive. The more so then public gardens will be fastened after enterprises.