отдых в Крыму

«On weekend I don't like to drive»

The journalists of «Kafa» wanted frankly to talk with Feodosian taxi-drivers about their work.

But they, in our view, superfluously are excessively modest, therefore we offered such variant is an interview subject to the conditions anonymity. This suggestion seemed to our interlocutor acceptable. So, interview with the employee of one of radios-taxis of Feodosii.

- How many years do you work as a taxi-driver, and as came in this profession?
- I already seven years work as a taxi-driver. As the saying goes, life compelled, and it was necessary to change work. In general, I on a profession sudosborshchik. At one time worked in a factory «Sea». But in connection with disintegration in a country in 90th, in it was the beginning left off us to pay a pay-envelope, and then he was closed in general. After it traded in meat at the Central market, and then it was necessary to engage in private business, and as a sole proprietor work now in controller's service a taxi.

- Is it interesting work?
- Certainly, interesting. you socialize with people, know them. New people, new histories.

- How many time does a taxi-driver conduct after a helm?
- It at all variously. In respect of our service, we work two days, and two days is a weekend. Working day – from a morning to the late evening, but with an interruption on dinner. In a weekend prefer rest with family, for a helm does not like to sit down.

- What is a difference in between a private trader and taxi-driver of controller's service?
- Private traders, as a rule, – people, workings in itself. But they also all in majority are designed. I mean those taxi-drivers which stand on stands. They have the filled clients and mainly they work only from a stand. In respect of controller's services, here other system turns out a bit. Service gives you clients which were filled for long time. I work in service to which already about 12 years, and as understand, clients for this time they made much. By the way, many passengers prefer services of radio-taxi, but not private traders. Therefore on our services and demand large. Conclusion: to the people cheaper to ride with services, what on a taxi from a stand. Dispetcherskikh has the fixed price, and a man always can know, how many he will have to pay. There is a certain tariff. And for a private trader such is not present. He that wanted, said. Prices can to think of in motion, and nobody will not control him.

- What can you give advice people, which, arriving on the station, get under the attack of private drivers? How is it possible podstrakhovat'sya, that they did not pick to the thread?
- At first, visitors know even, that is controller's services. They and in the cities use services of radio-taxi. And arriving to us, they know perfectly, that on the railway station or bus terminal taxi-drivers take much dearer, and if to apply in controller's services, it will be cheaper. Many tourists which here ride constantly use a taxi on a call. In principle, everywhere there is information about controller's services a taxi: in newspapers, advertising gets unstuck on posts, and also it is possible to obtain information in inquiry offices. Eventually, it is possible to pass 50-100 meters and around corner to find a taxi more cheaply. Besides, that it a rule works not only in our town but also in other.

- How do you consider, it is needed to contest with taxi-drivers-nelegalami?
- Certainly, it is needed! All of drivers which are designed in controller's services a taxi pay taxes, proplachivayut the united tax, deduct cities on a fund. Private traders do not do this everything. In summer in general figures arrive from the countries or other cities, to begin to work on a season. Clear business, for them no documents are present.

- With private traders is riding dangerous or not? Who does check up the technical state of machine?
- Anymore a taxi-driver is in a danger. Chasty cases of attack from the side of clients. But in service radio-taxi all of clients are permanent and we are protected from it. In services all of us have an agreement with tekhbazoy, tekhosmotr is constantly passable. Before every departure mechanics look the state of machine, drivers pass examination. We even have no the authority to drive out on work, while will not pass a mechanic and doctor. And in respect of private traders, it all on their conscience. In principle, they must independently look after the transport, but they do it or not...

- Why does a taxi rise in a price all of time?
- For us what was price, such remained. But it is here possible to answer a question on a question. And why does petrol rise in a price? Plus repair parts. They very rose in a price now, and buying is necessary often. The machine of taxi-driver wears out quick, ride on all of city, and roads for us are bad, and it is necessary often to pass on the lack of roads. Practically all of winter earnings is outlaid on repair parts and petrol – on a residence remains a bit. In summer certainly better, earn normally.

- And why then in other regions of Ukraine, except for the capital and some regional centers, does passage in a taxi stand in two times cheaper, than in Crimea?
- In those regions all of machines are installed gas mainly, and gas stands cheaper. From it and rates below. And here in town all ride on petrol. And we do not even have the methane priming. If was, maybe, people and set.

- Are there funny cases in your work?
- As having a drink clients meet, then smile. Especially in holidays them much. And mainly look at a road, to take a client in safety and safety.