There were moments, when I played days long

Kafa met with geymerom, carrying nickname Horizont, in the world he is called simply Kostya. He was born on October, 5, 1988, and in computer games began to play from five years.

Last three years likes to play in Lineage 2, but neprotiv and other games. His basic work is a designer. Besides on-line games interested in the Japanese making of animated cartoon, western cinema.

Who such geymer? What does he differ from a man which from time to time sets itself on komp some game?

Above all things, geymer is a that man which carries with computer videoigrami. For example, man, playing single games. Here he came from work, did some the work the businesses, then villages played. Bothered. Resembled, took a walk, and then again started a game. On-line games present because of MMORPG, word for a word, as very mnogopol'zovatel'skie role games here people which are ready to sit round the clocks in a game going there. In course of time a man begins to live in this world, he can hammer on meetings with people, renounce intercourse. At a single game such turns happen rarer.
But also geymery are different. There are simply turned on a game, there are professional, which can earn on games. If a man is clever in this direction, he without ceremony can earn a money.

What game do you play in and why exactly in it?

I play in many games, but presently play a line, Lineage 2. Chosen it, because it is an on-line game. Yet I like animeshnaya subject, and a line is done graphicly in animeshnom style. In principle it is a not resursoemkaya game which does not require the computer of the last configuration. It was produced as early as 2004, and all the time I play it. Due to a line I met the friends. It became yet interesting lately, the official Russian appeared server. Well, and on the whole game, as such, I like.

How many time can you devote a game?

Variously. There were moments, when played days long, clock for 20. In the morning will include komp and to two play nights. But it was, when I only began to play and did not work yet. Could fully from everything renounce and begin to play. But games are now tired of me, even line.

Many explain the predilection for games by a desire to get unloaded, commuted, take off a fatigue after studies or work. That does a computer game give you?

In principle, it and really so. A game weakens, distracts from everyday anxieties. It is such fantasy world which will not think of in reality. It is possible to watch a movie in life, but however much it will allow to be distracted and rest fully. And game, on my opinion, even more prodvinutee, than films. There are games, Final Fantasy it admits. It differ from the European games. Besides a playing subject there is a videorow. Play the half of time, and look a half film. It weakens also, as though and in a game participate, and looking something is possible. Plus it is desirable pogeroystvovat', if to take an on-line game.
And the mutual relations of people are yet checked up. In the real world you will say some bad words and it is possible to get for it, and in a game quite not so. Responsibility is not present. But it is needed to be able to be not trapped, because all of human qualities are checked up.

Now it is much talked that virtual games replaced some the reality, therefore they conduct there all of the spare time. Do not you consider the fascination dangerous or unnecessary?

Lately I try to limit itself in a game. I go for a walk often, it be not that before. While did not become acquainted with the acquaintances on a game, a lot of time conducted at home at the computer. I think so, if to take into account, how many played before, on an amendment I went. Now there is some stupor, and does not simply draw strongly much to play. Here all depends on a man. If a man lives one, he has little friends, naturally he starts to the climb in a game and him very difficultly it will be from there to tear off. And if there are friends, with whom to communicate.

Some geymery try to begin to work on different championships. Is it correct to play for monies?

There are the records in every sphere of activity of man. If able well to draw, why thereon not to earn? you are able well to sing the same, can begin to work a money thereon. The same touches a game. It is, people play so masterly, that it is possible this simply to admire. Therefore correctly, it is necessary to earn a game, if there is such possibility and capacity for it.

How do meetings of players pass?

The same as and ordinary meetings of friends or acquaintances. We can have a drink alcohol, to associate. I did not hear the single players of meetings, and the on-line meetings are often. In every town there are the local networks on which playing start server. People, playing on them, meet, meet and communicate. In respect of our meetings, they are regular. Besides that many already and does not play a line, but we communicate until now. And in general, it is sometimes useful to look in the real life on people which you play with. We communicate on different themes, certainly, about a game not forgotten. In general, talk about everything!

And what do you yet like to get busy?

Much what. To look films, search anything interesting in unthose, to read news. As such hobby is not present, but here recently got the musical program of Frutti lups, try in it to understand.