отдых в Крыму

The music aalways wins

In Ukraine a 24 soldiery orchestra of internal troops, one of them is in the natural boundary of Kiziltash in the settlement of Krasnokamenka in the regiment of the special setting «Tigr». A major George Zhelezko, which almost three ten of years serves in soldiery orchestras, gives orders to this collective.

Trio Zhelezko

George Zhelezko borned in family of driver and medical staff. Family was musical, but professionally nobody practised music.

- In my domestic album the picture of trio Zhelezko is kept is I, father and my cadet Alexander, - Yu remembers. Zhelezko. – In eight years parents gave me in child's studio at musical school which was conducted by the student of musical school. Exactly my capabilities showed up there, and a mother gave me on teaching in musical school on the class of bayan. Lived low, and a bayan costed, as a two-month pay-envelope of father. Therefore parents asked strictly – how in earnest I decided to practise music. «Muzyka wins always» - I answered, and this phrase defined my further fate.

In 1970 George Zhelezko finished eight classes of general school and musical school simultaneously, in a that year acted on the extra-mural separation of musical school.

On recommendation of teacher 15-years-old the graduating student of musical school was accepted in House of culture a concertmaster in the band of song and dance and teacher of musical studio. He played during the rehearsals of dancers.

- In that House of culture there was an orchestra soldiery musicians played in which, - Yu told. Zhelezko. – I liked to listen them, and at heart I regretted, that did not yet attain invocatory age, that asked to them in a military orchestra.

Muzyka won

In December, 1971 on Khmel'nitskom the railway station George Zhelezko listened how a military orchestra played. A teenager which was in his composition came into his notice.

- I waited till completion of appearance, walked up to the fellow and inquired him for that, how he got in this collective, - Yu remembers. Zhelezko. – He explained to me, that is the pupil of military orchestra. I in detail questioned him and went on listening to the chief of orchestra at Khmel'nitskom higher artilleryman command school. Military dirizher Vasiliy Andrey Matvienko approved my put in an orchestra a pupil.

Two years of Yu. Zhelezko lasted a pupil, and then was called on urgent service in a that military orchestra. Service in an army cut his teaching short in Khmel'nitskom musical school the daily separation of which he finished already after demobilization. In 1977 George Ivan made an effort enter the Odessa conservatory, but, alas, nothing turned out.

- A commission listened me, approved my capabilities and awarded judgement – accepting is possible, but at presence of own instrument of modern model, - a musician specified. – to Purchase deserving professional bayan I did not could, because his price was equal to the cost of «Zhiguley». I left in a provincial small town Chemerovtsy and worked as there musical head master.

The next year George Zhelezko however entered the Odessa conservatory of the name of Nezhdanovoy on the faculty of folk instruments, which successfully finished in 1983.
In Chemirovtsakh Yu. Zhelezko created musical collectives, but a desire again to play in a military orchestra was so great, that he handed in an in a military registration and enlistment office application on a vacancy in a military orchestra.

Military orchestra

In September, 1979 George Ivan by contract became the musician of military orchestra of the Central group of troops of the USSR in Czechoslovakia. After five years he returned on a motherland and served in the military orchestra of the Odessa territorial department, and from 1996 to 2000 – in Simferopole in the military orchestra of the National household troops.

In 1996 he was appointed as the petty officer of orchestra, and soon he became his chief, that military dirizherom. From 2000 George Zhelezko headed the territorial orchestra of internal troops in Simferopole, in 2003 – in Donetsk, and from December, 2004 «Tigr» gives orders to the orchestra of regiment of the special setting.

The collective headed last year by him took part in smotre-competition of orchestras of internal troops of Ukraine and gained the lead among 24th compositions from other regions of country.
In the repertoire of collective more than fifty of works are March, the classics, jazz and modern rhythms. A military orchestra plays during implementation of military rituals in a region, festive ceremonies, festivals, competitions. 16 contracters play in composition an orchestra. All of musicians of orchestra are wonderful professionals.

- Our hope is pupils of orchestra, - dirizher said. are teenagers, owning the elements of musical deed. Boys are on the complete state providing and get a tour in creative life. I from pupils, therefore on own experience know that service in an orchestra gives young musicians far more than school. Usually there are five pupils in a collective, but presently two passed to other collective, and three already called on urgent service. The command of regiment renders our orchestra enormous support, caring of stability of his composition. On results listening I already took away two future pupils, and three hope to find in the near time.

The main in the selection of young musicians is their desire and consent of parents, and to other we will teach them. It was lucky the boys of new composition of pupils, they would play together with remarkable professional musicians.