Life is given once, and we should kive it in the Crimea

Kafa already told about the Moscow theater of Nikita Belyakov Autodafe, which arranged fiery presentations near Ordzhonikidze.

Nikita not only often is in our edges but also builds the house, not only dwelling in a time of rest but also certain cultural center sees in which, here. Kafa had a talk with N. Belyakovym about his choice and complications which he ran into.

- I heard, you had got unusual education.
- I am the eldest son in a having many children monogynopaedium for me two cadets and two sisters. Our monogynopaedium was one of the first in soviet time, in which children did not walk in school, but studied at home. Home education enabled me much to read and go for a walk there always was spare time which is ordinary at school outlaid on every unnecessary things. Nevertheless, we moved parallell to the school program and sometimes even a bit LEDS the coevals. In soviet time not to send children to school considered practically a crime, therefore we are forced were to move from Moscow on Caucasus (where to us there was business nobody), and part of childhood I and brothers lived in the country. When we went to Moscow, I went in for exam on the program 10 and 11 classes, got a certificate and entered Institute of television and broadcast on a producer faculty. Remaining from home school habit to get busy only that was liked, interfered with my teaching in an institute and I once or twice was deducted. On a fourth course me (eternal dvoechnika), unexpectedly invited to teach in my institute of stsendvizhenie (rendering-engine on a student slang) and bases of direction the first course. Parallell I conducted child's studio of actor trade.
After completion of institute I did not want to work neither on television nor in the cinema and began to work above the own project of plastic theater. One of theatricals was a fiery show of Autodafe, which we created in Crimea and with which went around all former Union during a few years, coming forward the other day cities, festivals, stadiums. At this show we opened school, and named its School of Fire, it about three hundred students made off already and it continues to work and now. Recently we closed this project, but I continue to search an own way in an art, build a house in Ordzhonikidze, a house always dreamed about which, where it is possible to live and work: to rehearse theatricals.

- When did you visit Crimea first? What did he you captivate? In any event, why did you decide to build the house in Crimea?
- Think, first I visited Crimea in sleep, and, seems, I see this sleep still. As Aksenov said: Life is given a man one time, and living it is needed. in Crimea. I do not know why, but preeminently here I feel at home. Was I in Europe, was in many cities of Russia, long lived in Moscow and all time there was sense, that it all is temporal, that it I live as though not in an account, understand, what I mean? And here all truly. It is here desirable, that good was good, and scoundrels also were the real, sea deep and clean, cottages not only by facades. Here I must nobody of itself to depict, and nobody for it will me pay, even if it will struggle up me in a head. Here easily to distinguish beautiful from not nice, and people yet not all are infected this illness of our age (it has the scientific name pnevmoasteniya even), at which patient unable to distinguish good from an evil.

- Here you build the house, first house now. As talked there, to plant a tree, build a house, educate a child. But, not to my knowledge you ran into that to build in Ukraine, in obedience to all Gostam (Snipam) not so simply..
- Firstly I did attempts to design the project of house in due form and beforehand, but it seemed to me practically impossible. I applied in a few feodosiyskikh architectural bureaus and in each I was told that doing on rules is too expensive (so that comparably with the cost of structure), and can and in general not to turn out to design. Architects advised to build without permission, and then only design a selfline-up. I am afraid that to educate a son in due form similarly difficultly: from birth the state will produce the rights on him: inoculations, certificates, passport, school, army. And tree I planted already, with it while simpler.

- You talked already, that examine a house to Ordzhonikidze, as base for rehearsals. Is it related to cost effectiveness, because in Moscow, leasing an apartment is far dear, or you expect, affecting of some special energy those people which you will bring?
- Clearly, that what road a lease was not, it it can not be dear buildings. Business here, certainly, not in money. Here the indeed special atmosphere. Especially in a not season, when already there are not idle holiday-makers, and all around influences on work, because I behave to work in a theater, as to the certain form of meditation creation gives birth in a quiet and loneliness. and in beauty.

- Kafa already somehow wrote about your theater of fire of Autodafe. Why did you him close and plan again to arrive on the hills of Ordzhonikidze with some by other new presentations?
- I rather going to depart from here with new presentations. Because to give birth they must here. And certainly, premieres, so or differently, will pass also here. you are doomed to be our first audience. Now I begin to work above a dancing monotheatrical. No-no I am a not dancer. I po- former remain a producer and think of. Business is here in that even when a spectator sees on the stage of only one artist, it however work of whole command: artists, costume designers, lights, choreographers, producers, and in my case yet and operators, engineers, cartoonists, montazherov because in this theatrical different kul'bity and step not only a protagonist but also technique will carry out.

- This house which you build, he only for rehearsals and for rest of your monogynopaedium or however much do you plan nothing greater, as though At home creation?
- I hope on it. In any event, I plan to organize a club in which able to enter each, within the framework of which in my house will pass meetings of creative people, poetic evenings, lectures, cinemaviewing. In the near time I will publish the site of the house and first curriculum of measures in the Internet in fact, a house is only built although, such measures it is planned already very much on a next summer and autumn. I hope that people will stretch in my house, in fact now so places are not enough, where talented people can going, where it is possible to meet people which continue to read and look the classics, which can smoothly read word cheln. A main idea of this house is in that people can going there not only for a get-together but also for embodiment of ideas. He is created preeminently for this purpose.