Feodosia is the source of my inspiration

Last year Feodosian tour guide Andrey Korniletskiy was awarded with Grand Prix of competition The Feodosian talisman for development and leadthrough of pedestrian excursion route on sights Feodosia which the last years became extraordinarily popular among the guests of city.

A. Korniletskiy changed a few jobs, and found the veritable calling in the study of a particular region and excursion activity. He acquaints guests with history of city not only during the leadthrough of excursion but also by booklets and guide-books. The special popularity for tourists his guide-book won Temples of Feodosii. Legacy of ages.

Insolvent physician

Feodosiets Andrey Korniletskiy grew reckling teachers. Difference in age between him and makes his senior brother by Dmitry 12 years. His mother Olga Stepanovna taught English, and father Igor Tarasovich history and social science, and their little Andryusha flamed passion to declamation.

- By the stage a stool on which I could on thirty served me, and even for forty minutes without a stop by heart to tell verses, and not simply read, but declaimed, as the real actor, - remembers And. Korniletskiy. From three-year age I aimed to climb on a stool, if noticed that public going. Parents not too welcomed my aspiring to the theater, counting an actor not serious employment. They dreamed to see the son a doctor, and from little up oriented me on entering medical institute.

Being an obedient child, Andrey did not decide to unhinge parents, therefore after completion of school entered the Crimean medical institute. For student Korniletskogo problems never were with studies, but his refined creative nature suffered during preparing of frogs, cramming of Latin, researches of analyses of excrement and urine. Medicine seemed to him boring and unenthralling employment.

- Whether then business theater! I accepted active voice enormous pleasure in all measures of institute House of culture, revised all repertoire of simferopol'skikh theaters, - Andrey Igorevich told. - In new-year night more precisely already on January, 1, 1986 I made decision: to leave medicine and throw in the further lot with a theater.

Nesbyvshiesya hopes

Began all not smooth. Leader of the Crimean Academic theater of drama the Folk artist of UKRAINE Anatoliy Novikov, knowing Andrey about a decision, grinned, patted him on a shoulder and moralizing uttered mentorskim tone:

- Trust, youth, to do you there is absolutely nothing in a theater. Even I a man is quite casual here, (thus he as though by chance specified on the wall of cabinet, on which the large picture of A. Novikova hung in a role of Lenin), and you that and even more.

Getting such not encouraging parting words, A. Korniletskiy did not pass. For a confidence in own forces he once again read the zodiacal horoscope (Aries) and drew conclusion if a purpose is put, it must be attained.
According to Andrey Igorevich, to take a stage experience he was helped by the feodosiyskiy folk theater of city House cultures which Rosalia Isaakovna Belyanova led then. After two ten of years many admirers of this theater remember, as sparkling Andrey Korniletskiy carried out role reigning in a theatrical About a -, udalogo fine fellow.

In 1988 he successfully went in for exam in the Kievan institute of culture and began to cognize the elements of direction.

- Raising of works of leading light world and domestic dramatists taught me to think non-standard and originally, to aim to attain a maximal vzaimoedineniya spectator and producer, - analysed And. Korniletskiy. However much my studies in an institute coincided with disintegration of Soviet Union, formation of independent Ukraine, frightful moral-moral and economic crises. I got a diploma about completion of institute in the period of theatrical and cinematographic crisis, therefore nothing remained me, how to go to Feodosiyu.

Thorny way

Began the ninetieth are difficult times. Andrey Igorevich became before a choice: to work in a culture or contain monogynopaedium.

- Units became millionaires, hundreds of thousands by beggars, - he reflected. - the Monthly pay-envelope of worker of culture in Ukraine equaled the cost of one kilogram of the smoked sausage. It was necessary to go away in commerce. It is needed it was to survive. In search of work a fate pelted me even to Poland and Greece.

About this period of the life Andrey Korniletskiy remembers reluctantly. What only it did not have him to get busy: to trade, fry shashlicks, work as dispatch and croupier in a casino. In his labour book are more than 60 records which can be read as an adventure novel. A. Korniletskiy worked as the research worker of house-museum M. A. Voloshina in Koktebele, by the leader of the club and communal programs of the eleemosynary Jewish center.

- If I was arranged by the financial side of my labour activity, then work was disliked, if work was liked, then to live on a pay-envelope it was impossible for it, - Andrey Igorevich was divided flashbacks. In some moment me it seemed to that finding a golden mean is impossible, but love to the home town prompted a correct decision.
Being the son of teacher of history, I from little up carried with history and study of a particular region. From preschool years I aimed anymore to know about surprising past Feodosii and Crimea.
When in summer relatives or friends arrived in guests, I with the utmost pleasure conducted for them evening walks-excursions on a city.

A hobby became a profession

To show sights and for the time being there was to tell about them a hobby of Andrey Korniletskogo. However much friends-sightseers all more frequent and more frequent repeated over and over again him: Go in tour guides, it your calling.

- Since similar recommendations began to sound as a refrain, I decided that it is time to engage in the study of a particular region seriously, - said And. Korniletskiy. - Taking for basis evening walks with friends, I developed a route On foot on by God Given from the Komsomol park to the towers on Quarantine.

Sightseers estimated ability of Andrey Igorevich unique to expound scientific information in the theatricalized style, therefore his excursions unchanging end with enthusiastic applauses. Adjusted exactness of phrases, brightness, emotionality of exposition of material can not leave indifferent nobody of sightseers. Dry regional material is given them a boring not lecture, but as a monotheatrical. Often sightseers tell him: After your excursion we began to look at Feodosiyu other, it is possible even to say in love eyes.

Except for excursions Andrey Korniletskiy participates in the leadthrough of concerts, taken off in films and dreams to write an adventure story. A creative spirit reigns in his monogynopaedium. His wife Lada is a talented musician-pianist, composer, author of a few ten of songs. Many feodosiytsy know this wonderful domestic and creative duet perfectly.
- I love the city, does not think the life without Feodosii, Andrey Igorevich summarized. He is a source of my inspiration, it is my fate.